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Webex Events Platform Common Terms
Webex Events Platform Common Terms

What we call things around here and what those things mean

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This glossary gives a brief explanation of many common terms you'll find in Webex Events knowledge base articles, chats with our support team, and other communications from our team. This non-exhaustive list is designed to help new Webex Events Platform users who may not be familiar with industry or Webex Events-specific terms.

💡 Keep in mind, bold words or phrases in term descriptions are terms found elsewhere in this glossary.


Most often used when you're applying a credit for a product or feature for the first time. For example, the first time you select Webex Events Streaming as a live stream provider in a feature, you're asked to "activate" it in your Event App.


A Layout option found on the Appearance page in an Event App or Community. When selected, the images you add display on rotation for 5 seconds each below your feature list on the Web App and Mobile App. Each Banner image can link directly to other Event App or Community content or to external content, such as a company's website or a video.

Branded App

This product is an added-cost alternative to the Webex Events App that lets you use your own custom branding and login options. You can publish any Event App or Community you create to your custom Branded App. Attendees then download your Branded App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to access your Event App or Community.


Cloning your Event saves time and effort when creating similar experiences. When you clone an Event, the Event information and some content from your active products are copied to the new Event, including:

  • Events Apps

  • Communities

  • Registration

    • Promo emails

    • Checkout forms and questions

    • Tickets

  • Onsite badges


A Community is nearly identical to an Event, except it has no start or end date. As with an Event App, a Community gives you access to all the same products, and members join the community through the Web App or Mobile App. Communities are ideal for year-round membership and engagement. Because there are so many similarities, knowledge base articles mostly refer to 'Event' or 'Event App', though we mention Communities when highlighting key differences.


Refers to one attendee sending a request to communicate with another attendee in an Event App or Community.

Cover Image

Refers to the image you upload on the Appearance page when setting up an Event App, Community, or Registration. May also refer to the Booth Cover Image you add when creating a Sponsor, Exhibitor, Speaker, or Custom List item.


Credits let you activate products and features you've purchased. For example, publishing an Event App takes one Event credit. Credits are associated with Teams, not Events or Communities. To review your available credits, click your profile image in the top right corner of the Webex Events Platform, then click Team Settings. Credits display as 'remaining credits/total purchased'.


When you use Webex Events, the first action you take is to create an Event or Community, then you activate and configure Webex Events products within the Event. When you create an Event, you'll configure basic information, set your Event Type, select your Team, upload a logo, and more. Once you've created your Event, start activating, configuring, and managing the products you need.

Event App

An Event App is an extremely flexible product that acts as a digital guide and informative companion for your in-person attendees. For virtual attendees, it's the digital venue where they view live-streams, engage virtually, and more. For hybrid events, it's all of these!

Alternate terms: conference app

Event Overview page

A page on the Webex Events Platform that shows a high-level snapshot of an Event, including activity metrics and Event information, the status of products within the Event, and links to Webex Events learning resources. When editing any product in your Event App or Community, click your event's name in the top left corner of the screen to access the Event Overview page.

Event Type

A setting you select when creating an Event. Options include In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid.

exclusive group

A way to uniquely identify types of Attendees (called 'Users' in Communities). When you create a ticket in Registration, you must assign each ticket a unique exclusive group. You must also assign an exclusive group when importing or manually adding an attendee.

Related to: groups

External Links

These let you add a URL that leads to content outside your Event App or Community, such as a website. In the Web App, link content can sometimes be embedded in your Event App instead of opening in a new browser tab when attendees click the link. There are many places in an Event App or Community where you can include External Links.


A component of your Event App or Community that your attendees interact with. We offer over 20 features to address an enormous variety of needs. If you have a specific goal in mind and aren't quite sure which feature to use, follow the link below to learn more about each one.


A way to categorize Attendees (called 'Users' in Communities). Use groups to provide a targeted and personalized experience for different types of attendees. Attendees can be automatically added to groups based on the ticket they purchase.

Related to: Exclusive group

Internal Link

Connects one feature or item to another in your Event App or Community, such as linking a Speaker profile to an Agenda Session. With a few exceptions, one item that's internally linked to another will appear in that item's detail page.


A single page, entry, or profile in a feature. For example, when you create a new Sponsor profile, you're creating a new item.

Alternate terms: profile


Selecting a Layout is part of creating an Event App or Community and affects how the Mobile App and Web App appear. The Layout options are Banners, Features Only, and Smart Feed.

Lead Retrieval

May refer to the product or the Webex Events Lead Retrieval mobile app exhibitors use to capture leads. This product leverages Event App and attendee data. Exhibitors you invite or who purchase Lead Retrieval licenses can collaboratively use the Lead Retrieval app to scan attendee QR codes and capture their information as a lead. Sponsors and exhibitors can then access metrics and follow up with attendees.

Live Display

This product leverages Event App data to generate dynamic digital displays optimized to fit any screen size. Live Display shows content as it's created and updated, including current Sessions, Wall posts, the Game leaderboard, and more.

Mobile App

Every Event App or Community hosted on the platform is available via the Webex Events App or a custom Branded App. The term 'Mobile App' by itself is most often used to refer generally to one or both of these when no immediate distinction is needed. When referring to one of the other mobile apps, such as Lead Retrieval or Onsite, the distinction will be stated.

Navigation bar

Refers to the navigation bar on the left side of the screen in the Webex Events Platform. The Event navigation bar is the primary way of switching between products and configuring one section of a product.


Webex Events Onsite is a robust event check-in, badge printing, and session check-in solution with a simple, intuitive badge editor that lets you create custom badges tailored to different tickets. Our event check-in rental kits come with all the check-in and badge printing hardware you need — iPads, iPad stands, printers, routers, and your printing supplies.

Privacy Settings

Selecting a Privacy Setting is part of creating an Event App or Community and determines how attendees gain access. While anyone can download the Webex Events App or your Branded App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you control who can access your content within those apps. Your Event App or Community's Privacy Settings serve as the gateway to this access. There are three options to choose from – Public, Event Code, and Invite Only.


Generally refers to any of the six major Webex Events offerings. These include Registration, Onsite, Communities, Event App, Branded App, Lead Retrieval, and Live Display.

Promo Page

Send attendees the link to your Event App or Community's Promo Page to direct them to your Mobile App and Web App quickly and easily. The Promo Page becomes available after you publish.

Alternate terms: Event App Promo Page, Landing Page, Event App Landing Page


An action you must take when setting up Registration, an Event App, a Community, or Onsite. In the case of Registration, Event Apps, and Communities, publishing is how you apply a credit to gain access to further customization beyond basic configuration.


Use this product by itself and export registrant data to another platform, or sync data automatically with an Event App or a Community.


A multi-use, versatile item that usually corresponds to a session that attendees will attend, either virtually or in-person. Use Sessions in the Agenda feature for live streams and session information in your Event App, and use Onsite Session Check-in to check attendees in to physical session rooms at your venue.

Alternate terms: Agenda Session

social login

Refers to any of the Branded App's Sign Up and Log In options that leverage a social media account. These include LinkedIn, Google, Webex, and Apple.


Stands for Single Sign-On. This free Branded App add-on lets you use your organization's SAML 2.0 SSO solution. The SSO option makes user login and account management faster and easier by letting users log in with an existing account already managed by your organization.


A combination of the words "simulated" and "live". Simply put, it means pre-recorded video presented at a specific time as if it were live content. Attendees must start watching at the right time to view the whole video, and they may not realize the content isn't live.


Teams are made up of individual Webex Events platform users invited by a Team Admin. Product and feature credits are assigned to Teams, and selecting a Team is always part of publishing an Event or Community. You can only assign one team to an Event. However, you can invite as many team members as you like.


A way to categorize and control access to Sessions. Attendees use tracks in the Agenda feature to easily filter Sessions down to only those that match their role or interest. Use Tracks and Groups together to restrict access to certain Sessions.

Video Center

The Video Center lets you upload an unlimited number of pre-recorded videos up to 8GB each to your Event App or Community. Use uploaded videos with Webex Events Simulive or Webex Events Video on Demand in Agenda Sessions, Live Stream features, speaker, sponsor, and exhibitor profiles, and Custom List items. You can also use Video Center files as live stream recordings in the Agenda and Live Stream features.

Video on Demand

Pre-recorded video that's available at any time, and viewers can access it at their leisure. Videos are uploaded to the Video Center and can be attached to select feature items.

Alternate terms: VOD, VoD

Video Rooms

Video Rooms are virtual spaces similar to a Webex meeting where a maximum of 13 attendees and 3 moderators can talk with one another via live video, audio, and typed messages, and send Connection requests in the Web App or Mobile App. If they're in the Web App, attendees can also share their screen.

Web App

The Web App is the browser-based version of your Event App or Community that leverages the larger screen space and browser capabilities of a computer to offer attendees enhanced functionality over the Mobile App. The Web App is a great solution for users who want to use a laptop or tablet, or who simply don't have an Apple or Android device.

Alternate terms: web version, web experience

Webex Events App

The mobile app that acts as a hub and virtual space for your Event Apps and Communities. If you don't have a Branded App, your Event App will appear in the Webex Events App. Attendees can download the Webex Events App from the Apple or Google app stores and access your Event Apps and Communities from there, or they can use the Web App on a computer.

Alternate terms: Webex Events Mobile App, container app

Webex Events platform

The management portal you use to build and manage the products you've purchased.

Alternate terms: Planner platform, platform

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