Webex Events Registration pairs seamlessly with other Webex Events products to provide a complete picture of each attendee’s experience and help you glean valuable insights. It streamlines the registration process, provides highly customizable features, and leverages the power of real-time registration metrics. Most importantly, attendee data flows seamlessly to the Event App, Communities, and Webex Events Onsite.

Webex Events Registration is easy to set up, so you can spend more time doing what you do best — putting on amazing events.

Customize and brand your Registration page

We understand the importance of a strong and unified brand identity, so we built Webex Events Registration with customization as our guiding star. Almost every detail of the Registration page is editable, including the look and feel of the landing page and the URL. You can even change button and section labels to suit your audience and organization. All these customizations are simple with the Webex Events Platform's user-friendly interface — you can be up and running with a branded Registration page in minutes!

Screenshot of a registration page on mobile and desktop.

Personalize the attendee experience

Webex Events Registration lets you craft a personalized attendee journey across our suite of products. Create tickets that correspond to different Event App Groups so attendees automatically see content tailored to them, or let attendees choose their own Groups and customize their own experience. Create access and promo codes to provide discounts and comp tickets for VIPs, press, staff, and more.

After attendees complete registration and join the Event App, the personal information they entered during registration has already populated their networking profile, so they can get right to the fun. This not only saves time for the attendee, it also creates a more personalized experience.

Screenshots of the Attendee Info section on the Registration page, and an attendee profile on the Mobile Event App.

Get payout simply with Stripe

For ticket sales, you can connect to Stripe directly within the Webex Events Platform to collect payment. 💰 Webex Events Registration offers instant payout, meaning revenue is available immediately — not weeks later, or after the event concludes. To learn more, check out Stripe & Webex Events.

Screenshot of the Stripe Registration setting on the Webex Events Platform.

Stay informed with real-time metrics and email notifications

Webex Events Registration includes an analytics dashboard so you and your stakeholders always have a real-time picture of ticket sales, revenue, and other valuable data points. Learn more in our Registration Metrics article.

Screenshot of the registration metrics page on the Webex Events Platform

You can also set up Team Notifications to turn on automated emails with details about new orders for select tickets. Learn more in our Event Registration Settings article.

See it for yourself

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Want to learn how to set up Webex Events Registration? Check out Getting Started Setting Up Event Registration for instructions on activating and configuring your Registration Event.

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