You'll be amazed at how quick and easy it is to create your event! The main tasks involved in creating an event in the Socio Platform are outlined below. 👍 


The video below walks through the process of creating an event in the Socio Platform. These steps also apply to communities!

Once you've logged into the Socio Platform, you will be taken to the My Events page, which lists all of the events you have created or have access to. Click the Create Event button in the upper right corner to get started!

1) Basics

Consider the Basics to be the what, where, when, and how of your event app! These four quick and simple steps to get started are:

1a) Event Details

Event Name - Enter the name of your event. We recommend that this follow the same naming convention that you have used in other materials, such as your website or registration site.

Event Description - Describe what your event is all about! This could be copied and pasted from your event website if applicable. 

☞ Does your event have a theme?
☞ Who attends this event?
☞ Do you want to highlight your event sponsorship here?

Best Email Address to Reach You - This field is internal-only, and will serve as the main point of contact for the Socio Platform. This person should have access to the Socio Platform. 

Attendee Estimate - This field is internal-only. Enter the number of attendees that you are anticipating for the event. This helps us measure adoption of your event app.

Pick an Event Type - Select how attendees will interact with your event content. If all attendees will be physically present at the event venue, select In Person. If all attendees will be participating online with no physical location, select Virtual. If there's a mix of in-person and virtual participants, select Hybrid.

1b) Event Location

Event Location - Search for the event location using the embedded Google Map search.

Venue Name - Enter the Venue Name, considering what people typically call the location.

Venue Address - The address will auto-populate based on the map selection. Double check that the address is correct.

1c) Event Date & Time

Select the start and end dates and times for your event. 

⭐️ Keep in mind, we recommend that these encompass all of your sessions or festivities, such as pre-conference workshops, post-conference workshops, or social events.

1d) Privacy Settings

The Privacy Settings control how app users gain access to the event content. The app itself will be available to anyone to download, but you can ensure only the right people get access to the content of your event. Not sure which privacy setting to choose? Check this out!

We're also happy to chat about what would work best for your event, so don't hesitate to reach out! The privacy setting can be changed at any time, and no matter which you choose, we can provide templates for app download instructions for you to provide to your attendees. 

2) Choose Features

This is where most of your activity in the Socio Platform will take place. Click the Add Features button and click the features you want to add, then edit the features to add content to them. You can also add more later, or remove them after you’ve added them. You can change the name of the features, edit the icons or even have custom icons for your features! Want more info on Features? Check this out! 👍 

3) Customize Appearance

The Appearance page is where you upload your event logo and cover image, and choose the layout for your event app home page. To make sure your event's graphical elements will wow your attendees, check out our Look Book for inspiration, and take our Socio Academy course on Designing a Beautiful Event. 😍 🎓


Upload the Logo for your event with the following dimensions:

  • Minimum: 100px by 100px

  • Recommended: 500px by 500px

  • Maximum: 1000px by 1000px

The Logo will be shown on the event home page, as shown below:

Cover Image

⭐️ Keep in mind that we do not recommend including text or important information on the Cover Image since it will be cropped depending on a user's device and its location within the app.

Upload the Cover Image for your event with the following dimensions:

  • Minimum: 200px by 100px

  • Recommended: 1000px wide by 500px tall

  • Maximum: 2000px wide by 1000px tall

The Cover Image will be shown on the event home page, as shown below:


Select which layout is perfect for your event app home page. Not sure which one to choose? Check this out!


The Preview on the right of the Appearance page and the Features page reflects the updates you make in real time, allowing you to view the event content as your attendees will see it.

4) Publish Event

Click the Publish Event button in the top-right corner of the Appearance page to publish your event to the Socio App, or your branded app. Choose the team that is linked to your Socio product credits.

⭐️ Keep in mind, you can work on anything under My Events at any time - even after your event and app are both published! Even during your event! Any changes you make to your event will be reflected in the app within a matter of seconds.

Congrats - you're ready to manage and test your event! 🎉

Questions? Chat Us or Email [email protected]

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