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A general walkthrough of creating an event, including video

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Your Webex Events Event App is the resource hub for in-person attendees and the complete digital venue for virtual attendees. The features and information in your Event App flow between Registration, Branded Apps, Lead Retrieval, Onsite, and Live Display. Before setting up Live Display or Lead Retrieval, you need to set up your Event App.

This article shows how to set up an Event App in the Webex Events Platform. You'll be amazed at how quickly and easily your Event App takes shape! 👍

Two screenshots of the Sponsors feature in the Web App and Mobile App.

Event App creation options

There are three ways to start building an Event App — templates, cloning, or from scratch:

  • Start with a template - If you want a jumpstart on setting up your Event App, use this form to request a template. We have a wide variety of event templates to choose from, with the option to include example content if you want a nice model to compare to as you add your content! 🤩

    After 1-2 business days, we'll notify you when your template is ready. From that point, continue following this article to fill in your Event App's basics and content. ⬇️

  • Clone an old Event - If your Event is similar to a previous one, cloning an old Event to get a major head-start on building the new one is easy. 🏃 Cloning an Event copies most Registration, Onsite, Event App, Lead Retrieval, and Live Display content, features, and settings. Learn more in our article about cloning Event content.

  • Build from scratch - If you want to start with a blank canvas, simply follow the steps in this article. 🎨 ⬇️

Event App basics

Watch this video or keep reading to learn how to create your Event.

From your Event's Overview page, click Start under Event App. Haven't set up your Event yet? Create your Webex Event first!

Screenshot of the Event App Start button on the Event Overview page.

On the next page, click Get Started.

Event Details

Now, fill in the following event details:

Screenshot of the Event Details page.
  • Event Title - This field auto-populates with the Event Name you entered when you created your Event.

  • Event Description - Describe what your event is all about! If applicable, you could copy the description from your event website and paste it here. When creating the description consider these important points:

    • Does your event have a theme?

    • Who attends this event?

    • Do you want to highlight any event sponsors here?

    💡 Keep in mind, when adding images to the description, always do so with the image tool, which is the icon at the far right of the description toolbar.

  • Best Email to Reach You - This email address lets Webex Events personnel contact you about your event if necessary. We don't share email with attendees.

When you're done with the Event Basics, click Next.

Privacy Settings

Your Privacy Settings selection controls how users gain access to Event App content. Although the Mobile App is available for anyone to download, you can ensure only the right people get access to your Event App content.

There are three options to choose from — Public, Event Code, and Invite Only. Deciding which one is right for you depends on several factors. For a complete overview of each setting, refer to our Privacy Settings article.

Screenshot of the Privacy Settings page.

When you've selected a Privacy Setting, click Save & Continue which takes you to the Features page.

At this point, the information you've entered so far is saved, so feel free to take a break if you like. ☕


Features are what your attendees interact with in your Event App. With over 20 features to choose from, you might be a little overwhelmed when deciding which ones you need. For a quick overview of each feature, refer to our Event App Features Overview. We also have complete guides to adding, editing, and managing every single feature. 📚

Every Event App starts with three basic features — Lobby, Attendees, and Announcements.

Screenshot of the Lobby, Attendees, and Announcements features on the Features page.

Click the Add Features button to add more features. In the modal that appears, click Add under each feature you want. Use the search bar to find a feature quickly. Click the X in the top right corner when you're done.

💡 Keep in mind, you can add most features more than once. This is useful if you want multiple types of Video Rooms or different tiers of Sponsors, for example.

Screenshot of the steps just described.

Manage features

When you add features, they appear in the Selected panel. Click and drag features to swap their positions. Use the arrow icons at the bottom of the Selected panel to manage more features.

Animated GIF of moving features in the Selected features panel on the Features page.

The preview on the right shows you how the Mobile App looks. To try out the Event App's web version, you need to publish the Event App first.

Hovering over any feature reveals a Settings (⚙️) icon, an Edit button, and a Delete button.

Screenshot of the Edit, Settings, and Delete icons for a feature.
  1. Settings - In this modal, rename the feature and assign a custom icon. Use the 'Visible To' setting to lock content to certain groups of attendees, such as VIPs. We always recommend choosing or uploading a custom icon to make your brand shine — especially if you're using a Branded App.

    Screenshot of the Lobby Settings modal. The Visible to menu is expanded.

  2. Edit - For list-based features such as the Speakers or Sponsors features, this button takes you to a separate page where you'll add items to the list. For single item or static features, such as the Web Link, Single Document, or Live Stream features, a simple configuration modal appears. Refer to each feature's dedicated feature guide for details on exact behavior.

  3. Delete - Be careful! When you delete a feature, all information and metrics for that feature are also deleted.

When you finish adding features, click Next. You don't have to fully fill out and customize every single feature before you publish your Event App. We recommend that you simply add most of the features you'll use and customize the icon for each to begin.


Before you publish your Event App, you must upload a cover image and logo and choose the layout for your Event App's home page. To make sure your Event App's graphical elements wow your attendees, refer to our Look Book for inspiration and take our Webex Events Academy course on Designing a Beautiful Event. 😍 🎓

💡 Keep in mind, adding these images is crucial to submitting a Branded App.

Screenshot of the Apperance page.


The logo appears on your Event App's login page, overlaid on the cover image in the Web App and on the Mobile App's home page, as shown in the following image. Keep the logo you uploaded during Event creation, or upload a different one here. Accepted icon formats and dimensions are:

  • JPEG or PNG

  • Minimum: 100px by 100px

  • Recommended: 500px by 500px

  • Maximum: 1000px by 1000px

    Screenshot of the Mobile App.

Cover Image

The cover image appears behind your event's name on the Mobile App and web version and in the Lobby feature. Accepted image formats and dimensions are:

  • JPEG or PNG

  • Minimum: 200px wide by 100px tall

  • Recommended: 1000px wide by 500px tall

  • Maximum: 2000px wide by 1000px tall

💡 Keep in mind, we don't recommend including text or important information on the cover image since it will be cropped depending on a user's device and its location within the app.


The Event App layout mainly affects your Mobile App. However, Banners appear on the Web App, too! Not sure which layout is right for your event? Refer to our Event App Layouts article to learn more.

Click Save when you're done uploading images and selecting your layout.

Publish the Event App

Publishing your Event App is necessary to link it to a Branded App and access additional menus. Attendees won't know how to find and access the Event App until you tell them, so publish, then keep building your awesome Event App. 👍

To publish, go to the Appearance tab and click the Publish button in the top-right corner. In the modal that appears, choose which Mobile App the Event App will be published to.

  • If you're using a Branded App, select your app and click Next. Haven't started making your Branded App yet? Don't publish your Event App just yet! Click the Create App option, then refer to our Apple and Google Developer Process Overview for instructions.

    💡 Keep in mind, if your Branded App is out of date, you must start the update process before you can publish an Event App to it. Read our article about updating your Branded App for complete instructions.

  • If you're not using a Branded App, select Webex Events App, then click Next.

    Screenshot of the Publish modal.

The Team you chose during Event creation is automatically selected in the next modal, and you can now click Publish Event. If your team doesn't have any Event App credits, you'll be prompted to contact our support team to arrange purchase.

Screenshot of the Publish Event button on the Publish Event App modal.

You just set up your Event App basics! Have a treat. 🍬

Next Steps

Use the following links for specific instructions. 📚

  • Event App - Keep adding features and filling in information at any time after your Event App is published — even during your event! Any changes you make to your Event App will be reflected in the Mobile App and web version within a matter of seconds.

    • Collaboration - One awesome thing about Webex Events is that you can invite sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers to add their own information to their profile in the Event App! Simply gather contact information from each person or company, add simple Event App profiles for each, and send collaboration invitations.

  • Branded App - If you're using a Branded Mobile App, make sure you've added the following items to your Event App:

    • Logo (you added this when you created your Event)

    • Cover Image (you added this on the Appearance page during Event App setup)

    • Banner images (if you're using the Banners layout)

  • Live Display - Choose what you want to show on your Live Display, then configure the corresponding Event App features.

  • Lead Retrieval - You can now activate Lead Retrieval and start adding Exhibitors.

  • Test! - It's very important to test your Event App to make sure everything appears and behaves how you want it to! Testing once you've added most of your content and are ready to launch it to attendees is best.

  • Announcing - When you're ready to welcome attendees into the Event App, spread the word using our helpful App Access Templates!

Questions? Chat Us or Email support@socio.events

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