This article is for Webex Suite Enterprise Agreement customers to learn about managing Webex Events teams and credits. If you're not a Suite EA customer, refer to our article about managing Webex Events teams to learn how to manage your team.

This article only describes creating and adding teams and team members in the Webex Events Platform. These teams exclusively manage Webex Events products. For instructions on adding team members to your Webex Organization, refer to this article on


User types and levels of access

There are several types of users we talk about in this article:

  • Organization Admin (CH) - This Control Hub (CH) user automatically has the 'Webex Events Admin' permission and can grant that permission to other users in Control Hub. They can also do everything the user types below can do.

  • Webex Events Admin (CH) - This CH user can log in to the Webex Events Platform and manage Webex Events teams, credits, and Team Admin users. They can also do everything the user types below can do.

  • Administrator (Webex Events) - This user exists only in Webex Events. They can manage Webex Events products, credits, and teams.

  • Editor (Webex Events) - This user exists only in Webex Events. They can manage Webex Events products, but not credits or teams.

How teams and credits work

Webex Events teams have two functions:

  • To track product and feature credit purchase and usage

  • To manage team member access to your events

When you activate a Webex Events product (Registration, Event App, Communities, Onsite, Branded Apps) or Webex Events Streaming, you first select a team. This deducts the appropriate credit from the selected team and gives members of that team access to manage the product.

Team and credit types

As a Webex Suite EA customer, you can create and manage two types of teams in Webex Events: Organization teams and Independent teams. The following table shows how each type of credit works for each team type.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the 'Organization teams' and 'Independent teams' referenced in this article exist only in the Webex Events Platform, not in Control Hub.


Organization teams

(Suite EA customers)

Independent teams


# of attendees (external only)



# of members (external only)





Lead Retrieval

# of licenses

# of licenses


# of hours viewed



# of registrants (external only)





Webex Events Organization teams can create an unlimited number of events, communities, and registrations for an unlimited number of internal attendees. Internal attendees are people whose email domains match the domains registered to your Organization in Control Hub.

Credit assignment

Organization teams can only use credit types assigned by the Organization's Webex Events Admin. This means that Organization team admins can't buy or transfer credits like Independent team admins can.

Independent team admins, as the name suggests, can buy and transfer credits themselves as needed.

Manage teams

To learn how to access the Webex Events Platform from Control Hub, refer to our article about activating Webex Events for your Webex Organization.

From any page in the Webex Events Platform, click your user image in the top right corner of the page, then click Team Settings.

Screenshot showing the process just described.

There are two tabs in the modal that appears: Organizations and Independent Teams. These tabs show how many of each team's assigned credits have been used and how many are unassigned. You can also create new teams, transfer credits, and invite or remove team members.

Screenshot of the Team, Event and App Settings modal.

Create a team

To create a new team, click the tab for the type of team you want to create, then click New Team.

⭐️ Keep in mind, Organization type teams are for Suite EA customers.

In the modal that appears, enter a Team Name, then assign any available credits. The total available credits appear below each field on the right. Yes, it's that easy!

Screenshot of the New Team modal.

Now let's talk about adding members to that shiny new team. 🎇

Invite team members

⭐️ Keep in mind, team members you invite here only have access to the Webex Events Platform. They can't see or access your Control Hub Organization.

To invite someone to a team, click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to the team, then click Manage Team.

Screenshot showing the Settings menu expanded. The Manage Team option is indicated.

In the modal that appears, click the Add People button to invite a new member to your team. Simply enter the Email of the team member you're inviting and add an optional Personal Message to include with the invite.

Screenshot of the Add People modal over the Add/Remove People modal.

Finally, select which User Role the team member should have. There are two types of team members:

  • Editors can access, edit, and activate every product associated with your team. Editors can't access Team Settings.

  • Administrators have the same access as editors, and they can also manage teams.

Click Save Changes, and an invite email is automatically sent to the address you entered, where the person you invited can click a link to accept. ✉️

If the person isn't logged in to the Webex Events Platform, they'll be prompted to create a new Webex Events Platform account or sign in to an existing account. Once they're logged in, they're part of the team and can begin working!

⚠️ Caution! If the person clicks the link to accept the invitation while already logged into the Webex Events Platform with a different email, the link might not work. Users should log out of the platform before using an invitation link.

Edit team members

To edit an existing team member's role or delete them from your team, simply open the Manage Members modal as described earlier, and click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to a member to make a change.

Screenshot of the Add/Remove people modal. The Settings menu next to a team member is expanded.

Edit team name and credits

To rename a team or transfer credits between different teams, click your profile icon in the top right corner of the platform and select Team Settings from the drop-down. In the modal that appears, click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to the team you want to manage and click Manage Credits.

Screenshot showing the Settings menu expanded. The Manage Credits option is indicated.

In the modal that appears, simply edit the team name or edit credit assignments as needed.

Now you know how to invite people to your team and manage team settings in the Webex Events Platform! If team members are brand new to Webex Events, point them to our amazing Webex Events Academy courses to start learning about our products. 🎓

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