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Enable Webex Events (formerly Socio) for your Webex organization
Enable Webex Events (formerly Socio) for your Webex organization

Instructions for Webex organization IT administrators

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If you're a Webex Suite Enterprise (Suite EA) customer, you may have access to Webex Events (formerly Socio) through Control Hub. This article shows IT admins how to gain access to Webex Events and explains how to grant others access in Control Hub or the Webex Events platform.

Getting started

If they haven't already, your Cisco partner must use the Cisco Commerce Workspace app and then Partner Hub to create your organization and give you an administrator account (full administrator). If you're not sure who your Control Hub admin is, start a chat with our support team, and we can help.

After your Cisco partner has set up your account, you'll get an email notifying you that the services are ready to be provisioned. Click the Set up your service button in the email and fill out the form.

Now you're ready to manage Webex Events permissions in Control Hub and the Webex Events platform.

Check Webex Events subscription status

First, make sure Webex Events appears in your Subscriptions list. Sign in to Control Hub at, go to the Account tab, then click the Subscriptions tab. On the License Summary tab under Events, you'll find 'Webex Events'.

The Account page in Control Hub, showing a subscription for Webex Events.

After verifying that Webex Events is in your Subscription list, make sure you have the Webex Events admin role. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to Control Hub.

  2. Click the Users page.

  3. Find and edit your user account.

  4. Scroll down and click Administrator Roles.

  5. Under the ‘Services’ heading at the bottom, select the ‘Webex Events admin’ role.

  6. Save, then follow the steps below to launch Webex Events from Control Hub. You may need to log out of Control Hub and then log back in.

Launch the Webex Events platform from Control Hub

To confirm you have access to Webex Events and to start inviting team members to the platform, sign in to Control Hub, go to the Events page, and click Launch Webex Events portal.

💡 Keep in mind, the launch button is inactive if you don't have the Webex Events admin role. If you assigned yourself the Webex Events admin role as described above and the launch button is still inactive, try logging out of Control Hub and then log back in.

The Events tab in Control Hub with the Launch Webex Events portal button indicated.

The Webex Events platform login page opens in a new browser tab with your email address pre-filled. The first time you log in, deactivate your pop-up blocker so you can accept the Webex Events security permissions and log in using your Webex account.

Manage Webex Events permissions

Now, it's time to give people in your organization access to the Webex Events platform. There are two ways to give other people in your organization access to Webex Events:

  • Assign the 'Webex Events administrator' role in Control Hub - People with this permission can view and access all Webex Events for your organization, allocate credits to sub-teams, and invite team members to the platform. Learn more in the Assign organization account roles in Control Hub article.

  • Invite users to the Webex Events platform - Creating teams and inviting people to them in the Webex Events platform gives them control over only their team’s events without any other permissions in Control Hub. This is great for privacy between different departments and making sure that IT admins have approved all users before launching Events. Learn more in our article about teams in the Webex Events platform.

Whether you use one or both options depends on how much control you need over user access. You might assign one person in your organization the 'Webex Events administrator' role in Control Hub and then let them invite everyone else to the Webex Events platform, or you might prefer to invite everyone yourself. The choice is yours.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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