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Introduction to Registration
Introduction to Registration

Create a beautifully branded Registration page in minutes

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Activating Registration for your Webex Event streamlines the registration process with highly customizable forms, multi-layer questions, and seamless integration with every other Webex Events product. This means that our robust Registration, Onsite, and Event App metrics provide a complete picture of each attendee’s journey from the registration page to the farewell email at the end of your event.

A registration page on mobile and desktop.

The best part? Webex Events Registration is easy to set up, so you can spend more time doing what you do best — putting on amazing events.

Customize and brand your Registration page

We understand the importance of a strong and unified brand identity, so we built Webex Events Registration with customization as our guiding star. 🌟 Almost every detail of the Registration page is editable, including the images, button text, colors, and even the page URL.

Two screenshots showing the Registration Appearance page and the Settings General page.

All these customizations are simple with the Webex Events platform's user-friendly interface, so your branded Registration page can be ready to go in minutes!

Personalize the attendee experience

Webex Events Registration lets you craft a personalized attendee journey across all of our products. Create promo codes to provide discounts and hidden complementary tickets for VIPs, press, staff, and more. Tailor communications with customized checkout, confirmation, cancellation, and refund messaging based on the type of tickets attendees select.

The Attendee Info section on the Registration page, and an attendee profile on the Mobile Event App.

After attendees complete registration, use our Emails tool to send attendees personalized instructions for joining the Event App. When they log in, the personal information they entered during registration populates their networking profile so they can start networking right away.

Ask the important questions

Gathering data on your attendees is critical to your event's success, and Webex Events makes it easy to ask any kind of questions you need and even insert links into the question text. Create checkout forms customized to individual tickets or types of attendees, asking the right people the right questions and follow-up questions at the right time. It's simple for everyone!

A registration form. A question about after party attendance and two follow-up questions are visible.

Create questions that automatically assign attendees to groups in your Event App for automatically tailored experiences, or let attendees choose their own groups.

Get instant payout with Stripe

With Webex Events Registration, revenue is available immediately in your connected Stripe account — not weeks later or after the event ends. 💰 To learn more, read our Stripe & Webex Events article.

The Stripe Registration setting on the Webex Events Platform.

Stay informed with real-time metrics and email notifications

Our built-in Webex Events Registration Metrics page gives you and your stakeholders a real-time picture of ticket sales, revenue, and other valuable data points. Add your Google Analytcs (GA4), Meta Pixel, LinkedIn Insight Tag, or Google Tag Manager IDs for even more in-depth behavior metrics. Learn more in our article about UTM parameters and Registration page tracking.

The registration metrics page on the Webex Events platform.

Set up Team notifications to receive automated emails with details about new orders for select tickets. Learn more in our Event Registration Settings article.

The Registration Settings Team notifications page.

Next steps

  • Want to experience what Webex Events has to offer for yourself? Try registering for our demo Event!

  • Ready to start using Registration? Read our Registration Setup Basics article for instructions on activating and configuring Webex Events Registration.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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