The Custom List feature is a list of items. This feature is extremely flexible, and can be used in countless ways to add value to your event app! For a quick way to organize a collection of information, the Custom List feature is a perfect solution.

For instructions on implementing this feature, and ideas for how to use it, check out the below. 👇

Enable the Custom List Feature

Add the Custom List feature to your feature list, and click Edit on the Custom List feature icon. 

You can either click New Item, or click Import to add items in bulk. 

Clicking New Item prompts you to enter the following fields:


People connect better with pictures! Click Select Image to upload an image, or click Change Icon to select an icon.

Name* (required)

Enter the name of the item here. We recommend that you keep this short and simple, and include any additional information in the Label/Subtitle field.


Enter any additional information that would interest attendees in this item.


Optionally, add a Location for this item. If the item is a session, for example, you could add a room location here, while a FAQ regarding available interpreters could include their location.


Categories are ways to classify different types of list items. Applying a category to an item adds the name of the category below the item's name in the list and allows attendees to filter them by category. If you're going to use categories, it's best to set them up before adding list items. To learn how to make Categories, check this out.


Add a description, to be seen once a user clicks on the item. 

Link to other content in your app, for easy navigation and reference. Want to learn more about internal links? Check this out!

Link to any applicable outside websites, or add a phone or email. Select whether the link should open in a new browser. Otherwise, the user won't even leave the app! Want to learn more about external links? Check this out!


Add any images or PDFs that are applicable to this item, and may be useful for attendees to reference.

⭐️ The Custom List feature is very similar to the Web List feature. The biggest difference is, when an attendee taps an item in a Web List, the linked site is immediately opened. When an attendee taps an item in a Custom List, they are taken to the item's information, which can include an external link. 

Examples of the Custom List Feature

The video below provides a breakdown of an example Custom List feature. More examples are listed below.

  • FAQs - The Custom List is the perfect feature to use for frequently asked questions. Save yourself time spent answering questions, and consider including airport info, contact info, dress code, parking, weather, WiFi and more!

  • Hashtags - A social media campaign doesn't have to be expensive. Consider a different hashtag for each of your sessions or networking events!

  • Networking Opportunities - If networking is a priority for your event, consider providing a list of all of the opportunities attendees will have to network.

  • Video Hub - Make your sponsored videos or recordings of sessions easily accessible.

  • Featured Sessions - Highlight featured sessions by creating a separate feature just for them, outside of the Agenda feature. Tracks also work well for this! Check out more about tracks here.

  • Playlist - We've seen events use this feature to allow attendees to vote on what songs the band should play - simply ask attendees to vote in Ratings

  • City Guide - Create a curated city guide specifically for your attendees, with descriptions and links for restaurants, hotels, and attractions. A Web List feature also works well for this.

For a personalized discussion on how the Custom List feature could be used in your event, reach out to your Socio contact!


After attendees have had the chance to click around the items in the Custom List, you can check out the Feature Comparison chart on the Metrics tab to see how people are interacting with them. You can see:

  • Clicks

  • Chat

  • Favorited

  • Notes Taken

  • Requested Follow-up

  • Scheduled Meetings

  • Attachment Clicks

  • External Link Clicks

  • Internal Link Clicks

  • Avg. Rating

To see all of the additional data points outlined in the Export section of our Data Dashboard article, export the Metrics.

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