The Attendees feature is included in your event's features by default. Attendees are the event app users for your event, and will appear in the Attendee feature list when they join your event, or when you add them to Users & Groups. Pre-loading the attendees list allows you to pre-populate their personal profiles. However, pre-loading attendees is only required if you are using the Invite Only privacy setting for your event.

⭐️Keep in mind, the Attendees page is only available once your event is in the Published state.

⭐️ Keep in mind, there is no requirement to upload users to the event first before promoting your event to your audience, unless you are using the Invite Only privacy setting for your event. Not sure which privacy setting to use? Check this out!

Add Users to Attendees

⭐️ Keep in mind, you can only have one Attendees feature. 

To edit your Attendee list, navigate to the Manage Event page and click Users & Groups.

Click New User or Import to add user information. For more info on importing, check out the Import Feature Templates article. We also recommend you check out our article about how to Build an Awesome Profile in our Help Center for Attendees!

User Basics


The name of each user is listed in this column, along with their picture if applicable.


This field includes the user's Title information.


This field includes the user's Company information.


This column indicates the Groups that the user is in by the color of the Group. 

Groups can be used for access management and personalization in a number of areas within the app! Want more info on Groups? Check this out

Manage Users


If you have uploaded a user's information to the event and they have not yet joined, there will be a dash (-) in the status column.

Once a user joins the event in the app, their status will be ACTIVE in the Socio platform.

Non-active users can be removed, while active users can be blocked.

If needed, you can Block a user in the event using the Settings below, and their status will change to BLOCKED. The user's information will be removed from the app, as well as their activity (wall posts, personal agenda, etc.).

Settings (Gear Icon) ⚙︎

Click the Settings icon in the far-right column to perform actions on this user: Export, Assign To Group, or Block.

Click the user's row to review and edit their profile. In the Personal Agenda section, you can review, remove and add sessions on their agenda. If you are using the Wall feature, the Social Activity section gives you the ability to review, remove, or export this user's Wall posts.

⭐️ Keep in mind, attendees are able to update their profile fields and agenda, even if you pre-populate them.

Attendees Settings

Click the Settings (gear) icon on the feature to access the Settings. Here, you have the option to Hide inactive attendees. By default, this option is unchecked.

Checking this checkbox will hide inactive attendees from the Attendees feature until they join the app and become active. If you want to ensure that attendees are only seeing attendees that are active in the app, this is the perfect option!

Pro tips! 😎 

  • We recommend that you search for a user in the User's list with their email address.
  • Don't want the attendees to be able to see the Attendees list? You can "hide" the Attendees feature by deleting it.
  • Click the Select All checkbox to see the number of users in this event. This will include all who have been uploaded and/or joined themselves.


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