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Attendee Networking with Webex Events
Attendee Networking with Webex Events

All the ways attendees can connect and interact with one another with Webex Events

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Networking is one of the biggest benefits of an event, whether activities are in-person, virtual, or hybrid. That's why we've made it easy for Event App users to locate and connect with each other virtually using features like Shake & Connect. Messaging and meeting is also simple, whether on the Mobile App or the Web App!

This article explains how attendees connect in a Webex Events App, and it covers the various ways they can directly network with others using the app.

⚠️ Caution! Don't send attendees the link to this article. This article is written as if talking to an attendee so that it's easier for you, the organizer, to copy and paste the text into your own attendee instructions with images from your Event App. 👍

Attendee profiles

After you log in to the Event App, start filling out your networking profile. In the web experience on a PC or Mac, click the user image in the bottom left corner of the screen, then select Me. On the Mobile App, tap the Me option at the bottom of the screen.

A user's profile in the Web App and Mobile App.

Add a profile photo, edit your name, title, company, location, and summary, and add social and contact accounts. Include as much information as possible for the best networking experience!

  • Use a recent photo and your most up-to-date title and company information.

  • Think of your profile summary like an elevator pitch with a 250 character limit. What do you have to offer others? Why are you attending this event? Who do you most want to network with?

  • Let others know how to reach you! Add your phone number, email, website, and social media information to the 'Accounts' section of your profile. What's the best way to reach you? What's appropriate for the people attending this event?

  • Include your home city. Some app users prioritize networking with those who live near them.

  • Use all your social handles, links, and contact information to maximize your networking potential.


Shake & Connect

Connect with other attendees within 8 kilometers (about 5 miles) in two shakes of a smartphone. You and your soon-to-be connection simply tap the Shake button, then shake your devices or tap the screen within 5 minutes of each other to connect instantly!

💡 Keep in mind, Shake & Connect may work within 40 kilometers (about 25 miles), depending on attendee device location service. With Branded Apps that contain a virtual or hybrid event, there's no distance limit for Shake & Connect!

The Shake screen in a Mobile App.

If you use Shake & Connect with someone you're already connected to, they'll still appear in the list. If you tap on the person's listing, their attendee profile opens — they won't be sent a new connection request because you're already connected. 🖇️

The Add button

On the Web App or Mobile App, click on the Attendees feature to find everyone registered for the event. To quickly send a connection request, click Add next to someone's name.

Click on a person you haven't connected with to preview their basic profile information. You'll notice there's an 'Add' button there, too. If the button says 'Contact' instead, it means the person hasn't logged in to the Event App yet.

An Attendee's profile before connecting. It shows the attendee's name, profession, company, and the Contact button.

When you click 'Contact', enter a message that Webex Events will send to the potential connection. The email includes who it's from, your custom message, and a prompt to visit the link and join the Event App to reply to the message. Here's an example of this email:

The email an attendee receives when someone sends a contact request.

When using the Chat or Q&A engagement tabs in an Agenda Session or a Live Stream feature, click on an attendee's name to connect and explore their profile without leaving the current feature. 🎉

An attendee profile in the sidebar of an Agenda session.

💡 Keep in mind, clicking on the 'Message', 'Video', or 'Meet' buttons from the side bar opens the attendee's profile.

Exporting connections

On the Connections page in the Mobile App or the web experience, tap the Export icon in the top right corner, confirm your email address, then tap Send. You'll receive an email with a .xlsx file that contains all your connections' information.

The process just described.

To add a single connection to your Android or iOS device contacts, tap the connection in the Mobile App, then tap the Export icon in the top right corner. All the connection's information will automatically populate in your device's default contact management app.

The Export icon for a connection in the Mobile App.

💡 Keep in mind, iOS captures profile image, name, company, title, email, and phone number. Social handles must be added manually.

Connection profile overview

After you've connected with some people, click the Connections button to review everyone who's accepted your requests and to respond to incoming requests.

A connection's profile with numbers corresponding to the numbered list below.

This page has several functions to help you manage and interact with your connections:

  1. Export Connections - Enter an email address to receive a file of all your connections.

  2. Connection Requests - Review and respond to incoming connection requests from other people.

  3. Favorite - Favoriting someone adds a star next to their name in your connections list and keeps them at the top of your connections list.

  4. Notes - Type notes about the connection. These notes are included when you export connections.

    💡 Keep in mind, for organizers, we also have an article about how attendees can take notes in the Event App.

  5. Remove - Clicking this icon removes the connection from your connections list, and they can no longer send you messages.

  6. Message - Start a private chat with the connection.

  7. Video - Start a private video chat with the connection.

  8. Meet - Request a meet-up with the connection. Accepted meetings appear on the connection's profile and in your personal agenda.

If a connection has filled in accounts and contact information, such as their email, website, and LinkedIn link, these appear in the 'Accounts' section. Any past, present, or future Webex Events you're both registered for appear in the 'Your Events With...' section.

Messaging and meeting

When you click the 'Message' or 'Video' button from a connection's profile, you're directed to the messages page. On the Messages page, you can do the following:

A new message with a connection in the Web App. Each of the areas described below are indicated by numbers 1 through 6.
  1. Type a message

  2. Image - Upload an image to send.

  3. Propose Meeting - Send a meeting invite to the connection.

  4. Video - Start a new video chat.

  5. Add Participants - Invite more of your connections into the conversation.

  6. Delete Conversation

  7. New Conversation - Start a new chat with one or more of your connections.

💡 Keep in mind, up to 13 people can join a video chat at once.

The Mobile App can do everything listed above, too, though the interface is different. When sending a message, simply tap the Plus (+) icon to access all the same functions as in the web version.

On either platform, when you send a meeting request, the connection gets a notification about the meeting proposal, and they can either accept or reject the request. If they accept, the meeting appears in the connection's profile and in your My Agenda tab.

An attendee profile in the mobile app. The user has two meetings scheduled with them.

Ok, organizers! We're talking to you again now. Now that you know all about how attendees connect, message, and meet in Webex Events, learn how to enhance and enrich attendee interactions with the Game, Q&A, or Polling features.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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