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Instructions for manually adding attendees to your Webex Event

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This article explains what an attendee is in the Webex Events platform, when you need to manually add attendees, and how to manually add and upload attendees.

What's an attendee?

In Webex Events, Attendees are the people who are registered for your Event and will be using the Event App, checking in with Onsite, and showing their badges to your exhibitors who are using Lead Retrieval.

Where do attendees come from?

When a person loves your event very much (or when they have to), they register for it, either through Webex Events Registration or another registration provider. People who register through Webex Events Registration are added to the Attendees list automatically.

You must upload a list of attendees or add them manually when:

  • You're not using Webex Events Registration

  • You don't integrate your third-party registration platform

  • If you already have a list of attendees from some other source

Before you start adding attendees...

Adding Attendees to your Webex Event should be one of the last steps before your event starts. Before you start adding Attendees, complete the following steps:

How to add a single attendee

In your Event navigation bar, click Attendees, then click New attendee.

The process just described.

In the modal that appears, supply the following information:

The new attendee modal with numbered flags corresponding to the numbered text below this image.

💡 Keep in mind, attendees can enter and edit personal information in their attendee profile after logging in to your Event App.

  1. Profile image

  2. Ticket name* - This field only appears if Registration is active in your Event.

  3. First name and Last name* - Enter the user's preferred first and last name.

  4. Registration email* - Enter the email that the attendee registered with. They'll use this email to log in to the Event App. If the attendee tries to log in with a different email address, they may experience issues accessing your Event App.

    • Send confirmation email to this new attendee - Check this box to immediately send a confirmation email to the attendee when you click 'Save Changes'.

  5. Attendance* - Select whether this person will attend the event in-person or virtually.

  6. Exclusive group* - An exclusive group uniquely identifies different categories of attendees, such as press, speaker, or VIP attendees, so attendees can only belong to one exclusive group. Exclusive groups have all the same uses as normal groups, plus they're useful for creating ticket-specific badges and badge elements in Onsite. Read our article about groups to learn more.

  7. Title

  8. Company

  9. Location - Some attendees like to prioritize networking with folks that live in their area, so enter the city of the attendee's primary home, not their company location.

  10. Summary - Add an introductory blurb for this attendee. This is especially important if you're adding a speaker, sponsor, or staff member.

  11. Groups - If you've set up groups, assign the user to one or more of them here. Groups control access management and personalization in many areas within the app. To learn more, read our article on how to use groups for tailored attendee experiences.

  12. Advanced Settings - Click this bar to reveal the External ID field. Only fill in this field when you want to reference the External ID from a platform outside Webex Events. Learn more in our External IDs feature Guide.

Click Save Changes to finish adding the user.

How to upload attendees

To import a list of users, click the Attendees page, then click Import.

The import button on the Attendees page.

Follow the instructions in the modal to download the Attendees template. Open the template in your preferred spreadsheet program, then follow the template's 'Instructions' sheet to add and import attendee information.

When you're done adding attendee information to the sheet, use Step 3 in the import modal to import the file.

Step 3 'Upload your file' in the Import Attendees modal.

If you need to upload more attendees after importing others, only include the new attendees in the import template. If you need to update large amounts of existing attendee data, export the attendees you need to update from Webex Events, make the changes in the file, then upload the updated file. Don't change the 'Unique Identifier' column in the spreadsheet.

For complete instructions on using import templates, read our article about exporting and importing content.

Next steps

All attendees appear in the Attendees list, and there are a wide variety of actions you can take to review and edit attendee information. Read our article about managing attendees for more information.

Now you know how to add attendees to your Webex Event! Have some ice cream. 🍨

Pro tips! 😎

  • You don't have to upload attendees before promoting your event to your audience, unless you're using the Invite Only privacy setting. If you're not sure which privacy setting to use, our Privacy Settings article will help you decide.

  • Beyond adding regular attendees, consider creating attendee profiles for VIPs, speakers, sponsors, moderators, and other event staff so they can interact with attendees within the Event App.

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