Top-notch onsite event management is essential to in-person and hybrid event success, and one crucial piece is badge printing. As the in-person event landscape continues to evolve, the need for tools that wow attendees and eliminate onsite headaches for event organizers remains unchanged.

Socio Onsite is an all-in-one event check-in and badge printing solution that equips you with everything you need to power safe, seamless, and engaging onsite event check-in experiences. With Socio Onsite, you can enjoy a single, packaged solution for your in-person badge printing software, hardware, and onsite support needs.

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Seamless event check-in

The event check-in experience is the first touchpoint for attendees at an in-person event. If your check-in process impresses, it sets the tone for your attendees' experience throughout the event. Socio Onsite makes this possible with simple, intuitive event check-in and badge printing that’s fully customizable and fully integrated with Socio's suite of products.

Brand and customize your way

Socio Onsite is designed to let you fully customize the attendee check-in process so that it's not merely another tool, but an extension of your brand. Use your brand colors, logos, and verbiage in every aspect of the event check-in experience.

Go contactless, and save time with Fast Track

Say goodbye to long check-in lines, and bid farewell to wiping down iPads after each use by enabling Socio Onsite’s Fast Track feature. Once an attendee checks in by scanning their QR code, the Fast Track feature prints the badge instantly! Remove the search option.

Integrated registration data

Socio Onsite connects seamlessly with Socio Registration. If you opt to use a third-party registration platform, no worries! You can easily upload a list of attendee data directly into Socio Onsite.

You can give attendees the chance to verify the accuracy of their registration info before printing, reducing costs from unnecessary reprints.

For example, if your attendee registration includes a question about food allergies, you can let attendees update their answers before they check in. Or maybe their name is misspelled. They can update it before printing.

Simple, yet robust badge design

Event badges are an extension of an event’s brand experience and serve as a source of truth for attendee information. The Socio Onsite badge creation tool lets you create unique, beautifully branded badges that also include essential attendee information. Choose your badge size and type, then use the intuitive drag-and-drop badge editor to incorporate your logo, customize where text is located on the badge, and add graphic design elements to really make your badges pop!

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Endless badge customization

Create a one-size-fits-all badge that everyone gets, or add custom images, text, and shapes, and then use Onsite's visibility rules to tailor each element to specific attendee groups, companies, or even individual people — no coding necessary!

For example, you can designate sponsors and exhibitor badges with customized badge designs and icons that grant them access to specific areas of your event space. This is just one of a multitude of possibilities. 🤯

All the hardware without the hassle

When we say "end-to-end event check-in experience", we mean it. Our rental kits come with all the check-in and badge printing hardware you need — iPads, iPad stands, printers, routers, and your printing supplies.

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Let us know how many attendees will be at your event, and we’ll ship you everything you need to bring your check-in and printing station to life.

Lean on Socio's Professional Services and Support

At Socio, we believe you can execute amazing events when you’re equipped with flexible technology and services. With Socio Onsite, you can choose to manage the entire check-in process on your own, or you can tap into our experienced team if you want help.

Leave all of your onsite check-in and badge printing coordination to Socio’s Professional Services team. Need help building your check-in app, designing badges, creating custom rules, or ordering hardware and venue internet? We've got you covered.

Solutions for your entire onsite experience

In-person and hybrid events need technology that supports an immersive and end-to-end attendee experience. Socio’s seamless Lead Retrieval, customized Registration, and engaging Live Display are all essential components of truly successful in-person and hybrid events. Learn more about Socio’s event solutions and how they complement Socio Onsite.

Bring Onsite to your next event!

Socio Onsite makes your in-person and hybrid events better than ever. The check-in and badge printing process doesn’t have to be boring, confusing, or cumbersome. With Socio Onsite, you can simplify your process and wow your attendees from the moment they walk in the door.

To learn more about how Socio Onsite can take your in-person or hybrid event to the next level, reach out to schedule a personalized demo with our team of Socio Experts.

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