The Live Stream feature lets attendees join a live stream by clicking or tapping a feature icon, instantly launching the stream on a mobile device or computer. This feature is perfect for highlighting your keynote session or for a single-session event. If you'd like individual streams for each of your sessions, the Live Stream section of the Agenda feature may be a better fit.

Users can view the Live Stream in the Web App or on the Mobile App. The Web App for computers is a great option to let users view the Live Stream and engage with app features in a single window. The Mobile App is perfect when users are on the go. While a stream is active, they can even send a link from the Mobile App to their email so they can quickly move to the Web App when they're back at their desk.

Animated GIF of someone viewing a live stream while answering a Poll and using the Q&A feature.

Add the Live Stream feature

From the Edit Event page of your event, add the Live Stream feature, then slick Edit on the Live Stream feature tile. 

Animated GIF showing a user adding a Live Stream feature and then editing it to select a streaming provider.

Choose your Live Stream provider from the drop-down. If you selected something other than Socio Streaming, enter the meeting or live stream URL, and click Save when you're done.

Live Stream Settings

Click the Settings (⚙️) icon on the Live Stream feature to rename it, select or upload a custom icon, and determine which Groups the feature should be visible to. You can also un-check the Show viewer count option to hide the number of people viewing the stream. Remember to click Save Changes when you're done.

Screenshot of the Live Stream Settings window.

That's it! Now's a good time to get familiar with the Socio Streaming studio, check out our Live Streaming Best Practices article, and maybe even run a test stream with your speakers!


After your Live Stream, you can check out the features section of the Metrics tab to see how people interacted. You can see:

  • Clicks

  • Chats

  • Poll Votes

  • Q&A

Lots more awesome data for the Live Stream appears in the Video Analytics export, which you can download from the Metrics tab under the Export Report button.

Screenshot of an event's Metrics page with an arrow pointing from the Metrics tab to the Video Analytics option of the Export Report dropdown.

Pro tips! 😎

  • You can add as many Live Stream features as you want. However, we recommend adding only one or two to keep your home page clean. If you would like individual links for each of your sessions, check out the Live Stream section of a session.

  • The multi-device capability allows users to toggle between their preferred devices for video consumption and networking. We recommend giving your attendees guidelines on how you want them to join and interact with your Live Stream.

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