Once you've created an event that wows your attendees, you'll want to recreate that same great experience and save yourself time as well! We make it easy to clone your event or clone event features. 

Cloning your event is a great option if you create a lot of similar events that require the same features, and is particularly useful if you create a "template" event that you can clone every time.

Cloning a feature is a better option if much of your event content is different, but you have a couple key features that you want to pull over to another event. 

To learn how, check out the below!

Clone an Event

⭐️ Keep in mind, no attendee data will transfer over to the cloned event. This includes wall posts, attendee list, and personal agendas.

1. Click Clone

On the My Events Page, click the Settings (⚙️) icon on the event you would like to clone, and click Clone.

2. Select the Starting and Ending Dates

You will be prompted to select the starting and ending dates and times for your new event. Then, click Clone Event

⚠️ Caution, make sure that you update the event location (if needed) before you change any session dates/times. 

You're ready to edit your cloned event! Be sure to review the event to ensure that any feature content that doesn't apply is updated or removed, and pay particular attention to the Event Basics and images. 

Bulk Actions can be used to quickly delete content that isn't relevant, such as old Agenda sessions. Check out the image below to see how easy it is! 👇

⭐️ Keep in mind, we recommend updating the event name immediately after cloning to make sure there's no confusion while you're editing! 😉

Clone a Feature

To clone a feature from one event to another, follow the steps below!

1. Export the Feature Content

Export the content from the feature you want to clone. You can select all, or only some of the content! For more info on exporting, check out this article

2. Delete the Unique Identifier Column

Next, delete the Unique Identifier column from the excel template. Make sure the name of the sheet in the file (not the file name) matches the new feature name you are importing into. Save the file.

3. Add a New Feature

In the event that you want to clone the feature to, add a feature of the same type that you want to recreate. For example, if you're wanting to clone a Game feature from one event to another, add a new Game feature to the event you want it in.

4. Import the Feature Content

Click to Edit the new feature you added in step 3, and click Import. Click the Upload your file section, and select to upload the excel template from step 2. Check out our Import Feature Templates article for more info!

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