Once you've published your event, you're ready to manage and test it! 🎉Congrats!

⭐️Keep in mind, if you’d like to get access to the Manage tools, but you aren't ready for attendees to access the event, you can publish the event but block access to attendees using the privacy settings. With the Invite Only or Event Code privacy settings, you can keep your event under wraps and change the privacy setting when you’re ready to launch.

Testing Your Event App

We highly recommend testing your event and viewing it as an attendee will view it. Share it with your boss or coworkers to get a fresh perspective! The method for testing will depend on which app you are using, the Socio Event App (aka "Container App") or Branded Event App (aka "White-Label" App). 

Socio Event App

If you're using the Socio Event App, your event will be available in the app instantly after publishing! Simply download the Socio Event App and join the event to test it. 

Branded Event App

If you're using the Branded Event App and your app is published to stores, then you can download your app and join the event to test it.

If your app is not published to stores yet, you can use the web app to test your event in a browser.

Users & Groups

The event app users are the attendees of your event! They will appear in the Attendee feature list when they join your event, or when you add them to Users & Groups.

Pre-loading the attendees list allows you to pre-populate their personal profiles. However, pre-loading attendees is only required if you are using the Invite Only privacy setting for your event. 

Check out our Feature Guide: Attendees article for more info.

The Groups feature is used to provide a targeted and personalized experience for Groups of attendees - and to make your life easier! Groups can be used in a variety of ways, including when exporting, sending announcements to specific attendees, and managing access to content. App users can also filter the Attendees list using Groups, as shown below. 👇

Check out our Advanced Feature Guide: Groups article for more info.

Edit Event

Click Edit Event to make more edits to your features or event content. To jump back to the Manage tools from the Edit tools, click the Manage breadcrumb.

⭐️Keep in mind, you can work on anything under My Events at any time - even after your event and app are both published! Even during your event! Any changes you make in the Socio Platform will be reflected in the app within a matter of seconds.


With Announcements, you will never have to scramble to set up microphones or coordinate announcements with your team again! Whether it's for a last-minute change, an important reminder, or to drive eyes to your sponsors, you can use Announcements to send push notifications directly to your attendees' devices. 

Check out our Feature Guide: Announcements and Announcements Best Practices articles for more info.

Web App

The Web App is a web-based version of our Event Apps, and is designed for any device with a browser. This is a great solution for attendees who want to use a laptop or tablet to access the event content. 

While all applicable content will be visible in the Web App, the social and user based features that require the user to log in (such as interacting with other attendees, rating or reviewing, posting to the wall) are only available in the native Android and iPhone Event Apps.

Work with your Socio contact to determine if the Web App is a good fit for your event! For more info, check out our About the Web App article.


The Metrics for your event will be available 1-5 business days after the event ends. However, if you have a particular request, please reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate! Need these before your event is over? Let us know and we'll try our best to get them to you. 

Check out our Event App Metrics article for more info on what is included.


Check out our guides for promoting your event app and sharing your event promo page, and work with your Socio contact to create a targeted plan for your event! We're here to help. 👍


Questions? Chat Us or Email [email protected]

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