While you can build your event items with just the basic required fields, we recommend adding as much detail as possible to create an interactive and intuitive experience for attendees! External Links add an additional level of information and create a more complete profile. While Internal Links link to other areas inside of your event app, such as a session to a speaker, External Links link to areas outside of your event app, such as a website. 

We make it easy to link a speaker's portfolio website to their profile, or a sponsor's website to theirs! Linking a survey or poll/Q&A to a session is a breeze, and makes it super intuitive for the attendee to navigate. The options for External Links are endless.

External Links can be added when creating or editing an individual item, such as a session or sponsor, or when importing items.

Click the Link Type drop-down and select the appropriate option. See below for more info on each link type! 👇

Enter a Link Name in the field. This field is required, and acts as a label for the link. Make these action oriented!

Website URL, Phone Number, or Email Address

Finally, enter the link (Website URL, Phone Number, or Email Address), in the corresponding field. More information about each link type is below! 👇

There are three External Link types to choose from. 


Enter a URL to a website in the field provided.

When the Website link type is selected, the Open link in external browser option becomes available. We recommend that you check this box for donation sites, payment sites, or surveys.

The Pass Data to URL option also becomes available. Check this option to allow information to pass from the app to external websites, based on the URL clicked. Before your event, be sure to test that the information is passing as desired. If you are using this option, we recommend you check this out for more info!


Enter the phone number in the field provided, with no spaces or dashes. Don't forget the area code, and country code if applicable!


Enter the email address in the field provided. Double check for typos...then triple check. Thank us later.

Pro tips! 😎 

  • Make sure that the person behind the profile has okay-ed sharing their phone number or email address. May go without saying, but we're saying it anyway.

  • There's no limit on the number of External Links you can add! Any related link that helps build a great experience for your attendees should be included.

  • Consider using UTM Codes or click-tracking software (e.g. bit.ly) to track your URLs, and see who is going to the linked websites from your event app. This is a great metric to show sponsors!

  • If you're using sponsorship tiers, consider more links for higher tiers - gold sponsors could have unlimited links, while bronze sponsors could have a link to their website only.

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