When you build your event, we recommend adding as much detail as possible to create an interactive and intuitive experience for attendees. While Internal Links link to other areas inside your Event App, such as a session to a speaker, External Links link to areas outside your event app, such as a website, or you can use them to provide phone and email details.

External Links make it easy to link to a speaker's portfolio or a sponsor's website. If the website is embeddable, you can even show the content right inside your event's Web App. The options for External Links are endless.

Screenshot of the Links section of a Sponsor profile on the Mobile App.

Where to add External Links

Add External Links

You can add External Links while creating or updating an item in the Agenda, Sponsors, Exhibitors, Speakers, Custom List, and Single Item features. To add External Links to any of these features, simply click the Add External Links section to expand it and then supply the following information:

Screenshot of the Add External Links section of a New Item modal. Website, Email, and Phone link types have been added and filled in.
  • Link Type - Click the drop-down and select the appropriate option

  • Link Name - Enter a Link Name in the field. This field is required because it's what attendees see when they're viewing the item. Make the name action-oriented!

  • Website URL/Phone Number/Email Address - Depending on which Link Type you chose, fill in the appropriate information without spaces or dashes in the phone number. Double check for typos.

Open link in external browser

The Open link in external browser checkbox is an option anywhere you enter a link to an external website, including the Web Link and Web List features. If you uncheck this option, Socio will try to open the website or content inside your event's Web App. If the website isn't embeddable, attendees will simply see a sad face icon. Test External Links thoroughly to make sure everything works as intended.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the Open link in external tab checkbox isn't available for the Custom Tab in the Live Stream feature or Agenda sessions. Links in the Custom Tab will always open inside your event/community. Mobile App users always see content in their device's default web browser.

Pass Data to URL

The Pass Data to URL option is also available anywhere you can enter a link to an external website. Check this option to let information pass from the Socio to an external website, based on the URL clicked. Before your event, be sure to test that the information is passing as desired. If you're using this option, we recommend you check out the Pass Data to URL article for more info.

Pro tips! 😎

  • Get permission from the person or company behind the profile before sharing their phone number or email address.

  • There's no limit to the number of External Links you can add! Include any related links that help build a great experience for your attendees.

  • Consider using UTM Codes or click-tracking software (e.g., bit.ly) to track your URLs and see who is going to the linked websites from your event app. This is a great metric to show sponsors!

  • If you're using sponsorship tiers, consider more links for higher tiers - gold sponsors could have unlimited links, while bronze sponsors could have a link to their website only.

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