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Surveys in Your Event App

Gather feedback to improve your event year over year

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Gathering survey feedback about your event is critical to providing the best possible experience for attendees, sponsors, speakers, and stakeholders year-over-year. Using surveys strategically before, during, and after your event informs your event strategy and helps maximize attendee engagement and satisfaction.

This article shows the features that support surveys in your Event App and offers some pro tips to get the most out of surveys. 📈

Ratings & Reviews

The Rate Now link on a session and the Rate Now screen on the Mobile App.

Our built-in Ratings & Reviews tool is a great addition to your event feedback strategy. If you're using the Agenda feature with Sessions, or if you're using Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors, or Custom List features, we make it easy to collect simple feedback on individual feature items! For more information, refer to our Ratings & Reviews article.

Attendee Insights

Attendee Insights is another built-in feedback tool that prompts attendees to rate their overall event experience after they've completed a set of actions in the Event App, like joining a few Agenda Sessions or answering a couple poll questions. For more information, read our Attendee Insights article.

An Attendee Insights pop-up on the Web App.

Advanced survey providers

We've gathered several third-party provider recommendations for your more customizable survey needs. If your favorite provider isn't on the list, don't worry! Any survey provider that offers a survey link can work with your Event App, and many can even embed in your Web App.

Slido, another Cisco company, is our premier survey and polling provider. Slido offers advanced features like analytics, multiple rooms, polls, and surveys! Setting up a Slido survey is simple and intuitive. Create engaging live and self-paced surveys, and visualize results in real-time. When it's easy to complete surveys, your response rates soar! 🚀 To learn more about Slido's stellar attendee engagement features and how it works with Webex Events, read our Slido & Webex Events article.

We also love Typeform because of its beautiful and conversational user experience, robust customization, and intuitive interface for admins. To learn more about how Typeform works with Webex Events, read our article about adding a Typeform survey to your Event App.

Here are some popular providers to consider:

💡 Keep in mind, we highly recommend testing your survey if you add it to a Custom Tab or want it to be embedded in the Web App as a stand-alone feature. Testing makes sure that the survey properly embeds and works as expected for your event. 👍

Adding a third-party survey to your Event App

Simply use one of the options below to link directly to the survey from your Event App. In each of these cases, Web App users can fill out the survey inside your Event App instead of a new browser tab if the survey is embeddable. Let's explore each of these options. 🔍

💡 Keep in mind, links to external sites always open in Mobile App users' default web browsers.

The Web Link feature is a great option when you want to highlight a single overall event survey. Learn more in our Web Link article.

The following screenshot shows a Slido survey embedded as a Web Link feature in a Web App. We renamed the feature as "Summit Survey".

A Slido survey embedded as a Web Link feature in the Web App.

Web List

The Web List feature is perfect when you want survey feedback for multiple Sessions, speakers, or other aspects of your event. Each Session can have a separate link. Learn more in our Web List article.

A Web List feature named 'Session Survey'. A list of surveys is visible on the Mobile App.

External Links are available in many places in your Event App. Simply link a survey directly to a Session, sponsor or exhibitor profile, banner, Announcement, and more. Read our article on External Links for more information.

A survey External Link in an Agenda session on the Mobile App.

Custom Tab

Custom Tabs let you embed a survey link directly within a tab in your Live Stream feature or Agenda Session. This is perfect if you want feedback during a specific live stream. When Web App users click the Custom Tab, the survey appears in the engagement panel on the right side of the screen. Read our article about Custom Tabs for more information.

A Slido survey embedded in a Custom Tab within a Live Stream feature on the Web App.

Pro tips! 😎

  • Use Pass Data to URL in Webex Events to pre-fill survey forms.

  • Use an Announcement to attract attention to your survey. Link directly to your survey from the Announcement to make it easy for your attendees to complete it.

    Screenshot of push notification on an iOS device asking to take a quick survey.
  • Keep your survey brief and be intentional. Ask only as many survey questions as you need to achieve your goal. You'll have a higher rate of completion.

  • When your event is almost over, move your survey Web List or Web Link feature to a more prominent spot in your Event App.

  • Don't forget to test your survey to avoid problems later!

    • Read your survey out loud.

    • Have someone outside the project take your survey.

    • Review your survey reports.

You're ready to take your event to the next level with event surveys! 🤩 Next, read our Announcements Best Practices article for tips on using Announcements to remind your attendees to complete your survey and more.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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