To ensure that your event strategy is successful, it's critical to gather as much feedback as possible. Event surveys can be incorporated in your event app before, during and after your event. By gathering survey feedback for your event, you can maximize participation in future events, provide feedback to speakers, pitch potential event sponsors, and ensure you're delivering the best possible experience year-over-year! For more info on adding a survey to your event app, check out the below. 👇

Ratings & Reviews

We make it easy to collect the data you need to be successful! By default, Ratings & Reviews are enabled for each item in the app, including sessions, speakers, sponsors and more. For more info on Ratings & Reviews, check this out

If you need a customized solution for your surveys, see below for how to connect a third party provider to your event app!

Advanced Survey Providers

We recommend Typeform! We love Typeform because of their beautiful, conversational experience for users, and easy-to-use interface for admins. When surveys are easy to complete, your response rates soar! 🚀For more info on Typeform, check this out.  

However, any survey provider that provides a link to complete the survey can be incorporated in the Socio Event App. There are many providers to choose from, including free and paid offerings. Some additional providers include:


Any survey provider that provides a link can be used with your app! Simply add a Web Link or Web List feature and copy/paste the link, or use External Links to link directly in a session.

The Web Link feature is a great option when you want to highlight a single overall event survey. Check out this article on the Web Link feature for more info!

Web List

The Web List feature is perfect when you have multiple sessions happening concurrently. Each session/room can have a separate link. Check out this article on the Web List feature for more info!

External Links are an alternative to the Web List. The survey can be linked directly to the session in the agenda. Check out this article on External Links for more info!

Pro tips! 😎 

  • Use an announcement to bring attention to your survey. Link directly to your survey from the announcement to make it easy for your attendees to complete it! Want more info on announcements? Check this out. 👍 

  • Keep your survey brief, and ask only as many survey questions as you need to achieve your goal. You'll have a higher rate of completion, and your attendees will thank you.

  • If you are using a Web List or Web Link feature for your survey(s), toward the end of your event, move the icon to a more prominent spot in your event app. 

  • Don't forget to test your survey! Have someone outside the project take your survey. Take a look at your survey reports. Read your survey out loud. A little time spent here can save you a lot of headache later. 

You're ready to lift the curtain on your attendees' experience, and take your event to the next level with event surveys! 🤩

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