The Documents feature is used to host PDFs and images that can be opened right within your Socio event or community. Give your attendees a place to easily access the entire event's collection of session materials, read sell sheets for sponsors, peruse the daily meal menus, or print copies of a schedule or map. You can even use Internal Links to show individual documents from the list in other places within the event/community!

Screenshot of the Documents feature in a Socio event.

Add the Documents feature

From the Edit Event/Community page, click the Add Features button. In the modal that appears, scroll down to the Documents feature, click Add, and then close the modal.

Screenshot showing the Add features button and the Add features modal.

Edit Settings

To customize the name and icon of the Documents or use groups to show the documents feature to only certain subsets of attendees, you can hover over the Documents feature in the features list, and click the Settings (⚙️) icon.

Screenshot showing the Settings cog indicated on the documents feature, and the Documents Settings modal.

When you're done making updates, click Save Changes.

Add documents and images

Now hover over your Documents feature in the Selected Features list, and click Edit. This will take you to the Documents page.

Screenshot showing the Documents feature with a cursor hovering over it. The Edit button is indicated.

From here, you can either click the New Item button, or click the Categories tab to set up categories for different types of documents.

Add Categories

Categories are ways to classify different types of documents. Applying a category to a document adds the name of the category below the document's label/subtitle in the features list and allows attendees to filter documents by category. If you're going to use categories, it's best to set them up before adding documents. To learn how to make Categories, check this out.

Add documents

From the Items tab, click New Item. You can also click the Upload button to import multiple documents at once.

Screenshot of the process just described.

In the modal that appears, fill in the following information:

Screenshot of the New Item modal.
  • Name* (required) - The document name attendees will see. We recommend that you keep this short and simple, and include any additional information in the Label/Subtitle field.

  • Label/Subtitle - Enter any additional information that will help attendees know what's contained in the document before they view it.

  • Category - Select the Category the document belongs to, if applicable. Attendees can use categories to filter documents.

  • Document* (required) - Click Upload, and in the window that appears, click to select or drag and drop your document into the gray frame. You can upload PDFs and JPEG, PNG, and TIFF images!

    Screenshot of the Select Files modal.
  • Add Internal Links - Link the document to other features of your event, such as Agenda sessions, Live Stream features, and more. For or more info on Internal Links, check this out!

    ⭐️ Keep in mind, internally linked items do not appear in the Documents feature - just on the item a document was linked to.

When you're all done, click Save Changes. You've just added a document to your event! 🎊 Repeat as necessary. If you have a lot of documents, remember that you can import multiple documents at once.

Manage documents

After you've added categories and documents, there are several actions you can take to manage each.

  • Filter by Categories (Items only)

  • Search

  • Drag and drop to reorder

  • Edit or Delete

  • Multi-select and:

    • Assign to Category (Items only)

    • Delete

Animated GIF showing a user a user rearranging and multi-selecting documents.

Documents in practice

When attendees click or tap on the Documents feature, they'll see each document listed out in the order you determined. The Label/Subtitle and Category, if applicable, appear below the document title. When Web App users click on a document, the document will open right inside your event or community!

Animated GIF showing a user clicking on a document in a list.

Mobile users will see the document in their device's default PDF viewer.

Here are some common examples of how organizers have used the Documents feature:

  • Session Materials - Add all session presentations in PDF format for easy review, or include any resources or reference documents that attendees should use during the session. Remember to use internal links to link documents to relevant sessions, speakers, and more!

Screenshot of a list of session materials on mobile.
  • Attendees List, Map or Agenda - Yes, we do have features for these...but for the attendees that ask about a hard-copy form, it's nice to be able to provide that!

  • VIP Docs - Consider using the Documents feature for any group-specific information that is best available in hard-copy form, such as a VIP party flyer. Use the Visible to setting to ensure only the Groups who need it can see it. Want more info on Groups? Check this out!

  • Menus - Are you the type of person who has to check the menu before you go? There's at least one in every crowd. Consider uploading the menus ahead of time to help out the indecisive folks.

  • Event Rules and Logistics - Does your venue already have this info in PDF or image form? Make it easy for yourself, and upload it directly! This is a great feature to house the WiFi, dress code, and parking info.

Screenshot of an FAQ list of documents on mobile.


After attendees have interacted with your documents, you can check out the Feature Comparison chart on the Metrics tab to see the number of clicks for each Document.

To see all of the other data points outlined in the Export section of our Data Dashboard article, export the Metrics.

Pro Tips! 😎

  • Let attendees know that all documents will be in the event app. Increase event app adoption, and save money on paper.

  • Tell attendees that presentations will be uploaded to the app after the event. Once you have them uploaded, send an announcement letting them know.

For a personalized discussion on how the Documents feature could be used in your event, reach out to your Socio contact!

Now you know how to use the Documents feature! 👏 Only have one document to upload? We've got the Single Document feature for that.

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