While you can create each new item in your features individually, if you have most or all of your content information handy, there's a quicker way! Import your feature content quickly and simply with our import templates. Copy event info from your website or other documents, and save yourself time with the below!

Video Walkthrough

To download the import template for a feature, navigate to the feature, click the Import button, and click Download to download the import template. Check out the video for step-by-step instructions. 👇

Features with Imports Available

Import templates are available for the following:

  • Agenda

  • Sponsors

  • Speakers

  • Documents

  • Exhibitors

  • Event Game

  • Custom List

  • Web List

  • Preset Agenda

  • Users

  • Groups

  • Video Rooms

Troubleshooting pro tips! 😎 

  • Ensure that you have carefully read the instructions on the first sheet of the template. Over 90% of import-related questions we receive are answered on this sheet!

  • Read the error message carefully. It should reference which cell on the sheet has the issue.

  • For the Image cell, add a URL (link) for an existing image. To upload an image please use the Socio Uploader: https://platform.socio.events/uploader

  • Ensure that any internal links you want to add are connected to content that already exists in another feature. For example, your Speakers must be added in the Speakers feature before they can be linked in the Agenda. 

  • Download the import template right before you're ready to fill it out and import, to ensure you're using the latest and greatest!

  • If you are adding an external link using the Phone Number, Email Address, or Website columns, the associated Label field is required.

  • Two items can't have the same Name and Label/Subtitle. One of these fields must be different!


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