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Introduction to the Event App
Introduction to the Event App

Use our Mobile App or Web App as the central hub for your Event

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An Event App from Webex Events is a digital space where in-person attendees can find information about your event, such as where sessions and exhibitors are located in the venue and details about speakers and sponsors. For virtual attendees, the Event App is your event's virtual venue where people watch live streams, network with each other, and interact with your Event App content.

With an Event App from Webex Events, you can provide a seamless and engaging digital experience while fostering sponsorship opportunities, brand loyalty, attendee networking, and more!

Digital guide

An Event App puts your event's live schedule at attendees' fingertips, plus many features designed to inform, direct, engage, and delight. With the Agenda feature, create a rich, detailed schedule of your event with live or pre-recorded video, chat, Q&A, polling, and custom embedded content in each Session. Attendees can add Sessions to build their own personal agenda, take notes, keep track of one-on-one meetings with their connections, and even export their agenda to their phone calendar.

Animated GIF showing a user adding a session to their personal agenda then viewing their My Agenda page.

The interactive and dynamic Maps feature makes it easy for your attendees to get where they need to go. Link Sessions, sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, and other items to locations for easy reference and increased exposure.

Animated GIF of tapping a location on the Maps feature,

In addition to these features, you can attach documents and videos to Sessions, speakers, sponsors, and more. Advanced search features mean that users can find the information they need, when they need it.

Animated GIF showing a Web App user searching for and clicking on a speaker named doolittle.

Use the following links to learn all about the features that help you inform and empower attendees:


The Event App attendee profile acts as a "digital business card". With a filterable attendee list, people can effortlessly network with those who share their interests.

Using the revolutionary Shake & Connect feature, attendees simply shake their phones, discover people nearby, and send connection requests with the tap of a button. It's as easy as a handshake! 🤝

The Shake screen in a Mobile App. It says, "Shake your device or tap here to connect with nearby people."

Attendees can chat with their connections inside the Event App with one-on-one texts, video chats, or group chats. The person who starts a group chat or video call can invite anyone they're connected to, whether or not the invitees are connected to one another. 👍

An attendee profile. The user has two meetings scheduled with them.

Exchanging photos, scheduling meetings, and using video chat are simple! Our Attendee Networking with Webex Events article gives an overview of all the ways attendees can connect and interact with each other in your Event App.


As a tool to enhance engagement, the Event App is an event organizer's dream come true. With over 20 features to choose from, there's a lot to discover. Here are our favorite features that get attendees excited, engaged, and eager for more.

The Wall feature

Give attendees a social feed that acts as your event's own social network. The Wall feature lets Event App users post text and pictures and "like" and comment on discussion threads. This private social space makes it easy for you to build community within and around your event.

Animated GIF showing a mobile app user browsing the Wall feature and liking and commenting on posts.

Live streams

Create rich, engaging live streams without the hassle of complex software and encoders. Activate Webex Events Streaming for Agenda Sessions and Live Stream features to use our built-in Production Studio and automatic closed captions.

Webex Events Closed Captions and Translations on the Web App and Mobile App.

Use our Polling and Q&A features to collect and showcase questions and insights from attendees. Use a Custom Tab to embed Slido, Miro, and more in the Web App and link them to the Mobile App experience.

An animated GIF showing the Polling and Q and A tabs in a live stream Session on the Web App.

The Game feature

Events are at their best when they bring people together and inspire them to engage. The Game feature helps you accomplish both. Start by rewarding attendees for what they already do, like checking in. Build game challenges that promote sponsor engagement, session attendance, and more.

Animated GIF showing a Mobile App user entering a game code for points.


Use Announcements to send your attendees push notifications that link to features and items so attendees always know what's new and exciting in the Event App! Encourage attendees to participate in Live Polling, Q&A, and surveys, then watch completion rates rise. 👍

A push notification from the Announcements feature.

And much, much more...

Use the links below to learn about these and more features that enhance attendee engagement:


Inform attendees with key information about your sponsors and exhibitors by adding sponsor and exhibitor profiles in the Event App. These profiles can link directly to Sessions, customizable banner ads, and even the interactive map. No matter where you feature your sponsors, attendees are one click or tap away from discovering more information, which improves sponsor Return on Investment (ROI). Read our detailed article about showcasing sponsors for more ideas.

Animated GIF showing a Mobile App user clicking on a Map, then on a location, then on a Sponsor associated with that location.

Next steps

There's so much more to learn about how our Event App can make your event the best it's ever been.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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