An event app (AKA conference app) is a mobile application that takes events to the next level by increasing engagement, networking, sponsorship opportunities, and more! With a growing number of events including event apps, attendees will continue to ask for and expect them. For an introduction to what an event app is and what it can offer to your event, check out the below. 👍 

Digital Guide

An event app puts a live schedule of your event at attendees' fingertips. They can create their own schedules in their personal agenda, and even export their agenda to their phone calendar. Notes can also be added to sessions, connections, and more!

Interactive maps make it easy for your attendees to get where they need to go. Link locations to sessions for easy reference!

In addition to these features, documents and videos can be attached to sessions, speakers, sponsors and more. Advanced search features mean that users can find the info they need, when they need it!


The attendee profile in the app acts like a "digital business card". With a filterable attendee list, it is a simple process to network with attendees that match their interests. Using the revolutionary Shake & Connect feature, they will be able to shake their phones, discover who is around them, and simply exchange profiles with a click of a button. It's as easy as a handshake! 🤝

Your attendees will be able to chat directly through the app with the connections that they have made. They can set up 1-on-1 text or video chat, or create group chats to streamline communication. Within the chat, they can exchange photos, or even schedule meetings with one another. The person who starts a group chat or video call can invite anyone they're connected to, whether the invitees are connected to one another or not. 👍


Give attendees a social feed that will act as your event's own social network. They will be able to post pictures, comments, and "like" discussion threads within the wall. This private social network makes it easy for you to build a community surrounding your event. 

Collect and showcase, in real time, questions from your audience. Allow them to engage and be a part of the discussion. You can even project their questions to a live screen. We partner with Slido!

Events are at their best when they do things: bring people together, and inspire them to take action. Games help you do both. Start by rewarding attendees for what they already do, such as checking in. Then funnel that excitement toward challenges that drive sponsor engagement, session attendance, and other ROI-positive behaviors.

Use announcements to send push notifications to your attendees, ensuring they're up to date, alerting them of any exciting activity within the event, and driving traffic to wherever you would like to take them. You can also use notifications to encourage your attendees to participate in Live Polling, Q&A sessions, and Surveys to see a big uptick in your completion rates. 👍 


Add sponsors and exhibitor profiles to your event app to showcase key information for your attendees. These profiles can link directly to sessions, customizable icons, and even the interactive map! Whether your sponsors are on banner ads, within icons, or on landing pages, attendees will be one click away from more information on them, maximizing sponsors' return on investment. For more info on showcasing sponsors in your event app, check this out.

Have more questions on what an event app is, or what it can do for you and your event? Don't hesitate to reach out to your Socio contact!


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