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Proven tips and ideas for bringing amazing value to your sponsorships

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Your Event App serves you in countless ways — as a digital guide for in-person attendees, a communications and networking hub, a way to promote your brand, or the entire virtual event space! A Webex Event is also a great opportunity to sell sponsorships that increase revenue.

A Grid View of Medium and Small Sponsor Booths on the Web App and Mobile App.

Simply securing event sponsorship is only the beginning. You have to create experiences that deliver a return on investment for your sponsors. The tips in this article will help you cultivate an enthusiastic sponsor base who are dedicated to sponsoring your events each year! 👇

Use the Sponsors and Exhibitors feature

Add the Sponsors feature to your Event App and create a profile for each sponsor. Both features are identical, so we only refer to the Sponsors feature in this article.

  • If you want to differentiate between sponsors and exhibitors, add the Exhibitors feature, too.

  • Remember that you can invite sponsors and exhibitors to collaborate with you and manage certain aspects of their feature profiles. For more information, read our article about setting up and using collaboration forms.

When you build out a sponsor profile, fill in the following:

Icons, Booth Cover images, and Booth Size

Give each sponsor some distinction with branding that uniquely represents them! If you set your Sponsors feature to 'Grid View', Medium and Large Booths display both the Icon and Booth Cover images, and Small Booths only show the Icon.

💡 Keep in mind, the Booth Cover image only appears in the web version of your Event App, not the Mobile App.

Medium and Small Sponsor booths within the Sponsor feature on the Web App..

Consider using the Booth Size setting to sell tiered sponsorships. You could award your title sponsor with the exclusive privilege of occupying the only Large Booth. If a sponsor wants to include a cover image, they have to purchase a sponsorship tier that includes a Medium Booth.


Does your sponsor have an awesome promotional video, social media presence, website, or PDF sell sheet? Use the Content Provider field to add this content to the sponsor's profile.

Content added to the Content Provider field is embedded in the web version. On the Mobile App, this content always opens in the mobile device's default web browser.

A Sponsor page with embedded video content on the Web App.

Simply select the proper Content Provider from the drop-down, then fill in the URL or upload the file to add the content to the sponsor profile.

Attendee Calls to Action

Boost sponsor engagement by adding Attendee Calls to Action to the sponsor's profile. Add buttons for attendees to 'Request Follow Up' or 'Schedule Meeting'.

Call to Action buttons on the Sponsor profile in the mobile app.

You aren't limited to meeting links, either. Change the 'Schedule Meeting' button label and link it to a sponsor's website, a webinar, a demo video, or anything else you think of. 🙌 Refer to the section of our Sponsors feature guide about adding Attendee Calls to Action to learn more.

Internal and External Links

Internal Links let you connect sponsor profiles to other content within your Event App. This is a perfect way to make sponsors visible throughout the Event App with links to sponsored sessions like a happy hour, a party, or a session a sponsor's representative is speaking at.

Read our article on Internal Links for more information.

The Links portion of a Sponsor profile.

External Links appear in the 'Links' section of a sponsor profile. Links can be websites, phone numbers, and email addresses. Add an External Link to the sponsor's website or even a special landing page to capture leads. The options are endless!

Consider offering more links for higher sponsorship tiers. 🥇 Our article on External Links has more information. 📖

Use widgets to showcase sponsors in external sites

Sponsor profiles in your Event App are only visible to attendees registered for your Event. If you want to show sponsor information on your website or partner websites, widgets are a great way to do it!

The Sponsors widget embedded in an external website.

Simply select which sponsors you want to include in the widget, save, and copy the embed code to embed it in a website. Read our article about embedding Event App content with widgets for complete instructions.

Use the Banners layout

When you create your Webex Event, choosing the Banners layout for your Event App provides a great way to show sponsor branding. Banners display on both the web version or Mobile App. Banner images appear in the lower-left corner of the web version and at the bottom of the main screen of your Mobile App, and you can link them to individual sponsor profiles or the whole Sponsors feature.

The Smart Feed layout shows Sponsors from time to time. However, it only shows the icon, and other non-sponsor content appears there.

Banners displaying on the Mobile App and the Web App.

If you've added a booth cover image for a sponsor, consider using that same image as a banner, or use an entirely different image. Whichever you choose, feel free to link the banner to the actual sponsor page so attendees only need to tap the banner to go right to the sponsor page.

It's even possible to pass the user's Event App data to the URL you linked to the banner. 🎊

💡 Keep in mind, it's a good idea to maintain some creative control over the design of sponsored banner ads. This helps ensure a cohesive and polished Event App.

Refer to our Event App Layouts article to learn more.

Build sponsorship into other Webex Events features

Aside from the standard Sponsors and Exhibitors features, the Webex Events platform lets you get creative with sponsorships for nearly any facet of your in-person, hybrid, or virtual event. Keep reading to learn about some of the ways other event organizers have uniquely monetized their events!


Consider sending an announcement "from" the sponsor, and link the announcement to the sponsor's profile or the whole Sponsors feature! Use Announcements to send pre-approved sponsor messaging to all attendees or specific groups. Read our Announcements feature guide to learn more.

The Announcements feature on the Web App and Mobile App.

⚠️ Caution! As with all apps, attendees can opt to turn off notifications, so don't send out too many sponsored notifications.

Splash screen

If you're using a Branded App, consider incorporating your title sponsor into the splash screen image that displays to every attendee when they open the app. We don't recommend displaying an ad that takes up the entire splash screen. Instead, using a small part of the splash screen for sponsor branding is a great option for visibility. Because the splash screen only appears for 1-5 seconds, a splash screen image shouldn't be the only benefit a sponsor receives.

A splash screen with "event sponsored by Cisco" across the bottom.

⚠️ Caution! the splash screen applies to Branded App customers only. There is only one splash screen per app. If you're using your app for multiple events, it may not be a good fit to offer this to sponsors.


Posting on the Wall "from" the sponsor or posting about them is a great way to increase excitement leading up to your event. This is also a more organic way to showcase sponsors because it's mixed in with posts from attendees. Simply create a new attendee profile with the sponsor's name and logo, then post on their behalf. Or let the sponsor log in to the profile and post for themselves.

A Sponsor post on the Web App.

Read our Wall feature guide for more information on using the Wall.

Live Display

Grant your sponsor amazing visibility and branding opportunities at your in-person event with Live Display! Whether you'd like to showcase one sponsor or all of your sponsors, Live Display is a great option to do exactly that. Some virtual and hybrid events have also used the Web Link feature to embed the Live Display in their Event App as a "what's happening now" type feed.

A live display showing a sponsor banner in the Gallery feature.

Read our Introduction to Live Display article to learn more.


When you link a sponsor profile to a map, in-person attendees can access the map from the sponsor profile, or they can open the Map feature and locate the sponsor from there. This is also a great option to highlight locations of after-hours events or meet-and-greets provided by your sponsors.

Animated GIF of a mobile app user tapping on a Sponsor, scrolling to the Location, section, and viewing the map.

Refer to the Maps feature guide for more information.

Sponsor Web Link feature

Create a feature dedicated to your top-tier sponsor for even more visibility. The Web Link feature lets you link to a sponsor's website or a special landing page and upload a custom sponsor logo as the feature icon.

Refer to our Web Link feature guide for more information.

Video Rooms

Give your sponsors a place to self-promote to your virtual attendees with the Video Rooms feature. Simply add a Video Rooms feature to your Event App and make a room for each sponsor. Customize each room with the sponsor's logo and link the room directly to the sponsor so attendees can find their way there easily!

Animated GIF showing eight people talking in a Video Room.

Refer to our Video Rooms feature guide for more information.

Webex Events Streaming

If your event is hybrid or virtual, Webex Events Production Studio is a great place to showcase sponsors in your live streams. Fully customize your stream with your own branding or your sponsors' branding, including the theme color, logo, images, and even videos.

💡 Keep in mind, Webex Events Streaming is only available with paid plans.

A sponsor shout-out banner in the Studio.

Refer to our Introduction to Webex Events Production Studio article for more information.

Event Game

The Event Game is a great way to engage attendees at any type of event. Why not monetize the game by giving the credit to a sponsor? Consider including "sponsored by..." in the game's name and asking the sponsor if they'd like to provide the prize! Mention this in other marketing communications for even more visibility.

An Event Game rules modal. Cisco is noted as the game sponsor.

Another option with the Event Game is to have attendees interact with a sponsor to receive a challenge code. This could include having their badge scanned in the Lead Retrieval app, posting a picture to the Wall, or joining a sponsor's Video Room. This is a fun way to generate leads and encourage attendees to learn more about the sponsor. You can even assign more points based on higher sponsorship tiers.

A Game challenge prompting attendees to visit a sponsor booth for a code..

Refer to our Game feature guide for more information.


Consider adding "brought to you by..." to Sessions, booth locations, and more! This is a great way to get sponsor names out there for any type of event.

⚠️ Caution! Keep these to a minimum. They have more impact when used sparingly!

Event Code

If you're using the Event Code privacy settings for your Event App, a creative option is to use the sponsor's name as the Event Code.

The Event Code Privacy setting, with a Sponsor-specific Event Code entered.

Refer to our Privacy Settings article for more information.

Example of Sponsorship Tiers

While you can offer any of these options to sponsors "a la carte", you may decide to provide different packages, or "tiers". Pricing should be different for each event because the audience and value are different for each event.

Platinum 🏆

  • Large virtual booth with embedded video, PDF, or website, and company description

  • Live chat with attendees

  • Featured in embedded widgets

  • Two Video Rooms

  • 'Request Follow Up' button and custom URL button

  • Two exclusive banner graphics

  • Two sponsored Game challenges

  • Two 30-second commercials during event broadcast

  • Two sponsored Announcements

Gold 🥇

  • Medium virtual booth with embedded video, PDF, or website, and company description

  • Live chat with attendees

  • Featured in embedded widgets

  • One Video Room

  • 'Request Follow Up' button and custom URL button

  • One exclusive banner graphic

  • Two sponsored Game challenges

  • One 30-second commercial during event broadcast

  • One sponsored Announcement

Silver 🥈

  • Medium virtual booth with embedded video, PDF, or website, and company description

  • Live chat with attendees

  • One Video Room

  • 'Request Follow Up' button and custom URL button

  • One banner graphic shared with up to two other logos

  • One sponsored game challenge

Bronze 🥉

  • Small virtual booth with embedded video, PDF, or website, and company description

  • Live chat with attendees

  • 'Request Follow Up' button

  • One banner graphic

  • One banner graphic shared with up to two other logos

  • One sponsored game challenge

Additional exclusive sponsorship opportunities

  • Official live stream sponsorship - Limited availability

  • Logo and choice of special promotion displayed in the welcome and closing screens for a session.

  • Branded App Sponsor - Limited availability

  • Mention in App Store descriptions and custom splash screen artwork.

  • Gamification Sponsor - Multiple available

  • Donate a game prize and be listed as an event game sponsor.

  • Photo Booth - Limited availability

  • Branding inside the official event photo booth.

  • Session or Happy Hour Sponsor - Limited availability

  • Introduce a speaker, participate in a panel, or host an in-person or virtual happy hour.

💡 Keep our other products in mind! If you're using our Lead Retrieval product at your in-person or hybrid event, consider including that for your top tier sponsors. If you're using our Live Display product, consider providing a full banner ad for each top tier sponsor. Lower-tier sponsors can have a "combined" banner ad.

Thanks for reading! These are only some of an infinite number of possibilities for showcasing sponsorship in your Event App. We hope these suggestions inspire you. 🧠

Has something else worked well for your event? Let us know, and we'll add it to the list!

We'd love to have a personalized conversation about your event. Reach out to your Webex Events contact to strategize the best way to build a loyal sponsor base that comes back year after year.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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