Ready to give your attendees a social feed that will act as your event's personal Social Media, allowing them to post pictures, comments, and "like" posts? Follow the steps below!

Implement the Wall Feature

  1. Add the Wall feature.

  2. Click the Settings (gear) icon on the feature to change the name and icon, if desired. 

  3. There is no step 3. It's that easy.

This feature is ready to be used by attendees once your event is published to the app!

⭐️ Keep in mind, the Wall is an attendee-facing feature, and beyond the name and icon, there is nothing else to populate in the Platform. Sign up and log in as an attendee to post to the wall - or, create a login with the Event Name as the profile name! There is a dot alert indicator on the feature icon in the app whenever a new post is on the wall.

Manage the Wall

Reviewing, deleting, and exporting posts is simple. We've made it easy to get the information you need quickly, and dive deeper when necessary. Check out the Advanced Feature Guide: Manage the Wall article for more info.


After attendees have started using the Wall, you can check out the Feature Comparison chart on the Metrics tab to see how people are interacting with them. You can see:

  • Clicks

  • Posts Created

  • Likes

  • Comments

  • Reports

To see all of the additional data points outlined in the Export section of our Data Dashboard article, export the Metrics.

Pro tips! 😎 

  • Starter Wall Posts - Post some photos or pose some questions before the event, such as what attendees are most looking forward to. This can help conversations and connections take off! 🚀

  • Targeted Discussion Boards - To make the Wall feature a targeted discussion board, simply rename it accordingly. You can even make it visible to only a targeted Group. For more info on Groups, check this out! To get your wheels spinning, we've seen the wall renamed Share Media, Photo Contest, Discussion Board, and Ride Share - to name a few examples!

  • Live Display - Take event engagement to another level by pairing your event app with Live Display, and displaying the Wall activity in real-time! For more info on Live Display, check this out.

You are well on your way to creating an engaging, successful event! While you're here, check out our Best Practices for Promoting Your Event App

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