Matching the look and feel of your event app to the needs of your attendees and sponsors is key! To help with that, we provide a powerful yet easy way to customize the layout of your event app's features.

Three screenshots showing phone screens with the three different event layouts.

You can choose from the 3 Event Layouts shown above when building your event. Keep reading to learn how to change your Layout and details on the Smart Feed, Features Only, and Banners, including how to add Banners!

Changing Your Event Layout

From the Edit Event page of your event, click Appearance, and then scroll down to the Layout section. Click each of the options to see a live preview to the right.

Screenshot of the Appearance tab. The Pick A Layout section is indicated.

Smart Feed (Default)

The Smart Feed is recommended for most events. It shows your attendees personalized suggestions on what matters the most, right when they need it. The cards in the Smart Feed can be swiped left and right to show more content, but the feed also continuously updates when users come to the Events Home screen! The feed can show any of the following options:

Four screenshot of four phone screens showing each of the options mentioned above, except for

Features Only

If your event has a lot of features and the content is meant to be front-and-center, the Features Only layout makes it easier than ever to access everything. This is great for events where personalization and sponsors take a backseat to provide attendees a simple way to access all your content! 


The Banners layout lets you showcase an unlimited number of custom banners that drive traffic to your sponsors, promotions, sessions, or any other content. Each banner can link directly to content already housed in your app or can link directly to a location outside of the app, such as your premier sponsor's website!

Each banner will show for 5 seconds before rotating automatically to the next banner or being swiped by the user.

Upload Banners

Including banners in your event is easy! First, create the image you want to use as a banner, then go to the Appearance page, and scroll down and select the Banners layout. Now, click Manage Banners to edit existing banners you may already have, or to add a new banner.

Two screenshots. One shows the Manage Banners button highlighted, and the other shows the Manage Banners modal.

In the modal that appears, enter a name for your Banner, and then upload the image. The recommended size for banners is 950 pixels wide by 380 pixels tall.

⭐️ Keep in mind, we recommend that text on banners should be no less than 32pt to ensure it can be read by attendees.

Screenshot of the New Banner modal.

Finally, select the Link type - either Internal or External. If you select External, enter the URL to the destination.

⭐️ Keep in mind, if the Banner uses an External link, you shouldn't uncheck Open link in external browser unless you're sure the URL is embeddable.

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