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Matching your Event App's style to meet the needs of your attendees, sponsors, and brand is key! To help with this, we provide three Event App layouts — Banners, Features Only, and Smart Feed. Keep reading to learn about each one. 📖

Each of the three layout options displayed on the Mobile App - Banners, Features only, and Smart feed.

Selecting your Event App layout

Choosing a layout is part of setting up your Event App, and it's easy to change the layout after setup.

  1. In your Event navigation bar, click Event App

  2. Click Appearance.

  3. Scroll down to the Layout section, and select a layout. The preview on the right side of the page shows what the layout looks like in the Mobile App.

    The process just described.
  4. Click Publish Changes after making a selection.

Now let's examine each layout in detail. 🔍

Banners (default)

The Banners layout lets you showcase an unlimited number of custom banners that promote traffic to your sponsors, sessions, or any other content. Each banner can link to nearly any Event App content or to a location outside the app, such as your premier sponsor's website!

The Banners layout on the Mobile App and Web App.

Each banner displays for five seconds before rotating to the next banner. Mobile App users can also swipe between banners.

Upload banners

Including banners in your Event App is easy!

  1. First, create the banner images to our recommend specifications in step six below.

  2. When your images are ready, go to the Appearance page's Layout section.

  3. Select the Banners layout.

  4. Click Manage Banners.

  5. In the modal that appears, click New Banner.

    An arrow pointing from the Manage Banners button in the Banners layout option to the New Banner button in the Manage Banners modal.
  6. In the New Banner modal, add the following information:

    The New Banner modal.
    • Name - Enter a name to help you identify this banner in the list. This name isn't visible to attendees.

    • Image - Select an image from your device, making sure it meets the following criteria:

      • Text on banners should be no less than 32pt to ensure readability.

      • 950px by 380px PNG or JPEG file.

    • Link - Select an optional Link type — either Internal or External. If you select 'External', enter the URL to the destination. If Internal, select the feature or item you want to link to.

      💡 Keep in mind, if the banner uses an external link, don't uncheck 'Open link in external browser' unless you're sure the URL is embeddable.

    • Visible To - Select one or more groups so that banners only appear to attendees in the selected groups. This is great for tailoring content to virtual or in-person audiences, creating sponsorship tier opportunities, and more!

    • Activate Banner? - If you don't want to show attendees the banner yet, simply deactivate this toggle.

  7. When you're finished, click Done, then click Save Changes to finalize the upload.

Use the Manage Banners modal at any time to edit Banners you've uploaded and review their active or inactive status and associated Groups.

The Manage Banners modal. The pencil icon, active/inactive status, and Groups indicator are highlighted.

Features Only

If your Event App has a lot of features, and the content is meant to take center stage, the 'Features Only' layout is a good choice to maximize space for the features list. No setup required!

The Features Only layout on the Mobile App.

Smart Feed

The Smart Feed layout shows your Mobile App attendees personalized suggestions on what matters most. Attendees can swipe Smart Feed cards left and right to show more content, and the feed continuously updates when users come to the Event App's home screen!

💡 Keep in mind, the Smart Feed doesn't display on the Web App.

Smart Feed layout on the Mobile App.

The feed can show any of the following options:

  • Recommended connections (if the Attendees feature isn't hidden)

  • Upcoming Sessions

  • Webex Events Card - *Webex Events App Only*

💡 Keep in mind, Smart Feed content updates automatically based on individual users, so you can't configure it to show specific items.

Now you know all about Event App layouts! Now, let's start adding some features.

Questions? Chat with us, email support@socio.events, or attend a Face to Face session.

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