This article is a quick reference for all images you can upload in the Webex Events Platform, including a separate table you can send to external contributors when requesting images.

Before looking at the dimensions, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Dimensions are listed as (width) x (height).

  • For details on exactly where to upload each image, click the title of the image in the Type column.

    • Where individual words are linked, such as Event and Community, these links lead to different relevant articles.

  • Smaller file sizes mean images load more quickly when users navigate through the event/community.

  • See our article about squaring rectangular images so you can use them as logos/icons.

All image dimensions

This table has two sections. The second section shows images with required dimensions.




Logo (Event, Community, Registration)

100 x 100px

500 x 500px

Cover Image* (Event, Community, Registration)

200 x 100px

1000 x 500px

Feature Icon (Event, Community)

100 x 100px

500 x 500px

Item Icon** (Event, Community)

100 x 100px

500 x 500px

Live Display Gallery image

1920 x 1080px

See note***



Large Booth Cover (Event, Community)

1200 x 300px

Medium Booth Cover (Event, Community)

800 x 400px

Banners (Event, Community)

950 x 380px

Branded App Icon

1024 x 1024px

Branded App Splash Screen (iOS)

1125 x 2436px

Branded App Splash Screen (Android)

1080 x 1920px

Onsite Logo

260 x 260px

Onsite App Check-in Option Icon

256 x 256px

Onsite App Background (Portrait)

1536 x 2048px

Onsite App Background (Landscape)

2048 x 1536px

* We don't recommend including text or important information on the Cover Image since it'll be cropped depending on a user's device and its location within the app.

** Features with items that use an icon include: Sponsors/Exhibitors, Speakers, Custom List, Video Rooms, Web List, and Single Item.

*** Live Display Gallery images should be 16:9 aspect ratio. The best pixel count may depend on the size and quality of the displays at the venue. We recommend 7680 x 4320 px for high quality on large displays.

Contributor image dimensions

This table includes the items from the list above that you'll often receive from people outside your organization, such as sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers. Copy this table and send it to external contributors so they can send images with the correct dimensions. Remove items as needed before sending.


Minimum size

Recommended size


100 x 100px

500 x 500px

Large cover image

Not applicable

1200 x 300px

Medium cover image

Not applicable

800 x 400px

Banner image

Not applicable

950 x 380px

Gallery image

1920 x 1080px

16:9 below 7680px wide

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