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The Attendees feature (also known as 'Users' in Communities) is automatically included in your Event App, and people use it to browse and send connection requests to one another. Since the feature is populated by the people in your Event's Attendees list, the feature is very simple to configure.

Two screenshots showing the Attendees feature in the Web App and Mobile App.

💡 Keep in mind, there can only be one Attendees or Users feature per Event App or Community.

Edit settings

On your Event App's features page, hover over the Attendees feature and click the Settings (⚙️) icon to customize its name and icon.

Check the Show active attendees only box to hide attendees who've never logged in to your Event App.

Screenshots of the Attendees feature Settings icon and the Attendee Settings modal. The "Show active attendees only" box is highlighted.

If you don't want app users to access the Attendees feature, simply delete it. This won't remove anyone from the Attendees list. 👍

Adding attendees

Attendees who register for your Event through Webex Events Registration automatically appear in the Attendees feature.

If you need to manually add or upload attendees, read our article about adding attendees.

The Attendees feature in practice

When attendees join your Event App, they're free to browse the Attendees feature and add connections. After adding connections, they can send messages, start video calls, schedule meetings, and more!

Animated GIF showing a mobile app user browsing the Attendees feature, adding a connection, accessing their connections list, and starting a message to a connection.

Read our Attendee Networking with Webex Events article for a complete guide to all the ways attendees can network with each other.


Your attendees are your event! Everything they do provides valuable insights that measure event success and inform improvements for future events. After your attendees have had a chance to interact with your Event App, go to the metrics tab to explore all kinds of awesome data goodness. Review the Attendees feature on the Feature Comparison chart to learn how people engaged, including:

  • Connections

  • Conversations

  • Groups

  • Favorited

  • Scheduled Meetings

To review all of the additional data points outlined in the Export section of our Event App and Community Metrics article, export the Metrics.

Looking for Event and Session check-in metrics? Read our Onsite Metrics article.

Questions? Chat with us or email support@socio.events

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