This article walks you through the simple steps of testing Lead Retrieval. Let's go! 🏃


1. Add a test attendee

First, add a test attendee that you and your exhibitors can scan. To do this, go to your Event App or Community's 'Users & Groups' page, and add a new attendee.

Screenshot showing the steps just described, plus the New User modal with test information filled in.

Add information to every field you can so you and your exhibitors can see what a fully filled out attendee profile looks like. 🔍 Make sure the attendee is obviously for testing so exhibitors don't think it's a real lead.

Detailed instructions for adding an attendee are included in our Feature Guide: Attendees article.

2. Add yourself as Booth Staff

Now, add yourself as a 'Booth Staff' user for one of the exhibitors in your Event. Go to the Lead Retrieval page and click Exhibitors, then click an exhibitor to view the exhibitor's details page.

Screenshot showing the steps just described.

On the details page, click the Invite button below the exhibitor's image. In the modal that appears, enter your information, then click Save Changes.

Screenshot of the exhibitor detail page and the 'Invite Booth Staff' modal.

You'll get an email at the address you entered within a few moments.

3. Download and log in to the LR app

Open the invitation email and follow the instructions to download the Lead Retrieval app and log in to your Event. Be sure to use the email you invited yourself with when creating your account!

4. Scan the test attendee's QR on the Platform

Back on the Users & Groups tab in your Event App or Community, click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to your test attendee, then click Show QR Code.

Screenshot showing the process just described.

Open the Lead Retrieval app, tap the scan button, and scan the QR code to capture the lead!

Two screenshots showing the Lead Retrieval app's scan button and a captured test lead.

You've just captured a lead! Play around with rating the lead, adding notes, uploading images, and more, then check out the metrics.

Pro tips! 😎

  • In the 'Show QR Code' modal for your test attendee, click the Download as PNG button to download the QR code. Include it in an email to your exhibitors or in printed hand-outs so exhibitors can easily test too. 👍

  • If you're using Webex Events Onsite, print QR codes on attendee badges so exhibitors can scan leads from badges. Print a badge for your test attendee so they can try it out when they check in!

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