If you wonder what attendees receive after they register through Socio Registration, wonder no more! The examples below are meant to show you what the confirmation email, tickets, invoices, and receipts look like, but yours may look different depending on how you customize them.

As with everything you do in Socio, we highly recommend that you test registration for yourself so you can see exactly how emails will look for your event. 🔍

⭐ Keep in mind, you can preview your event's confirmation email by clicking the Preview button on the Checkout settings page.

Confirmation Email

Everyone on an order gets a confirmation email. What's included in the email depends on how you configure the Tickets, what settings you choose, whether or not the ticket was invoiced, and whether or not the person is the purchaser. Elements you can control are:

  • CTA Buttons (App Store, Google Play, and Custom button)

  • Event Description

  • Ticket Description

  • Include PDF Ticket

  • Add to Calendar

In the examples below, the CTA buttons are all in use, and PDF Tickets are included. The Event Description and Ticket Description aren't included.

Purchaser email

For any registration paid with a credit card, a receipt is included in the Confirmation email. If multiple people registered in a single order, the receipt only goes to the Purchaser — the person whose information is entered on the Payment Details step of registration.

Screenshot of the Payment Details section of the checkout form.

The purchaser confirmation email for an order paid by credit card looks similar to this:

Screenshot of a confirmation email to a purchaser.

If you choose to include a custom message in the confirmation email, that message appears above the date and location. At the bottom of the email, the purchaser can click the Download Ticket and Download Receipt buttons.

If the purchaser selected Pay by Check or Invoice during checkout, these buttons are replaced with the Download Invoice button.

Non-purchaser email

The non-purchaser email for a paid ticket doesn't include any information on cost or payment, and it doesn't include the Download Receipt button. It looks similar to this:

Screenshot of the confirmation email to a non-purchaser.

Non-purchasers never receive a confirmation email for invoice registrations until you mark the order as paid. Remember that you can turn off the Download Ticket button when creating or editing a Ticket.


As with confirmation emails, you can choose to include some extra information under the Checkout settings.

When a purchaser clicks the Download Ticket button in their confirmation email, a PDF opens in a new browser tab. The example below includes the Event Description, and there was a discount applied to the Ticket as you can see in the highlighted portion.

Screenshot of a Ticket PDF.

The QR code on the Ticket PDF can be scanned at a Socio Onsite check-in iPad to instantly pull up the attendee's information. For more on Socio Onsite, check this out.


When a purchaser clicks the Download Receipt button in their confirmation email, a PDF opens in a new browser tab. The contents of a ticket can't be customized. Here's an example of what a receipt for multiple tickets might look like:

Screenshot of a PDF receipt.


When a purchaser clicks the Download Invoice button in their confirmation email, a PDF opens in a new browser tab. This is the preview you can see from the Payments settings page:

Screenshot of an invoice.

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