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What do attendees receive after they register?
What do attendees receive after they register?

Confirmation, receipt, ticket, cancellation, refund, and invoice samples

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If you wonder what attendees receive after they register through Webex Events Registration, wonder no more! This article contains descriptions and examples of the confirmation email, cancellation email, refund email, tickets, invoices, and receipts.

As with everything you do in Webex Events, we highly recommend that you test Registration for yourself so you know exactly how these communications will work for your event. 🔍

💡 Keep in mind, we provide a preview of the final message when you're editing PDF tickets or confirmation, cancellation, and refund emails. 👍

Confirmation, cancellation, and refund emails

Webex Events Registration lets you customize the default confirmation, refund, and cancellation emails, and create custom versions that registrants receive based on their ticket type. If you activate Machine Translations, all communications are sent in the language the purchaser selects during registration.

To learn how to create custom emails, follow the instructions in our Customize Registration Checkout Messaging article.

Confirmation email

Everyone on an order gets a confirmation email. What's included in these emails depends on how you customize them, how you configure Tickets, what settings you choose, whether the ticket was invoiced, and whether the person is the purchaser.

Purchaser email

For any registration paid with a credit card, the confirmation email includes a downloadable receipt. If multiple people registered in a single order, the receipt only goes to the purchaser — the person whose information is entered on the 'Payment Details' step of registration.

The purchaser's confirmation email for an order paid by credit card is similar to the example in this image:

A confirmation email.

If you include a custom message in the confirmation email, that message appears above the CTA buttons. At the bottom of the email, the purchaser can click the 'Download Receipt', 'Download Ticket', and 'Open Web App' buttons.

If the purchaser selected 'Pay by Check' or 'Invoice' during checkout, the 'Download Invoice' button appears in place of the 'Download Ticket' and 'Download Receipt' buttons.

Non-purchaser email

The non-purchaser email for a paid ticket is identical to the purchaser email shown above, except it doesn't include the 'Order Summary' section or 'Download Receipt' buttons.

Non-purchasers never receive a confirmation email for invoice registrations until you mark the order as paid. Remember that you can remove the 'Download Ticket' button when creating or editing a ticket.

Refund email

When you mark an order as 'Refunded', only purchasers receive an automatic email notification with more details, including a customizable message, which tickets were refunded, the last four digits of the card that was used, and the refund amount. The following image shows a refund email with standard messaging.

A refund email.

Cancellation email

Registrants will receive an automatic cancellation email notification when you cancel their free or unpaid tickets. The email contains a customizable message and a summary of tickets that were cancelled. The following image shows the default cancellation email with standard messaging.

A cancellation email.


As with confirmation, cancellation, and refund emails, you can customize the default PDF ticket or create custom PDF tickets assigned to different ticket types. Learn more about customization options in our Customize Registration Checkout Messaging article.

When someone clicks the 'Download Ticket' button in their confirmation email, a PDF opens in a new browser tab. The following image includes the QR code, event location, and event date, and an applied discount.

The applied discount on a PDF ticket.

Attendees can scan the QR code on the PDF ticket at a Webex Events Onsite check-in iPad to instantly pull up their information. Read our Introduction to Onsite article for more information.


When a purchaser clicks the 'Download Receipt' button in their confirmation email, a PDF opens in a new browser tab. You can't customize the contents of a receipt. Here's a screenshot of a receipt for multiple tickets:

A PDF receipt.


When a purchaser clicks the 'Download Invoice' button in their confirmation email, a PDF opens in a new browser tab. It includes an invoice number, purchase date, payment method, and order details.

A PDF invoice preview.

Want to learn how to communicate with folks after they're registered? Read about Registration emails to find out how!

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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