The Video Rooms feature is a fantastic way to bring your virtual attendees even closer to the in-person experience! Video Rooms are spaces where a maximum of 13 attendees and 3 moderators can talk with one another via live video, audio, and typed messages, and send Connection requests in the Web App or Mobile App. If they're in the Web App, attendees can also share their screen.

Video Rooms are great for breakout discussions, Sponsor hangouts, live Q&A, staff meetups, icebreaker rooms, or whatever else you can dream up.

Animated GIF of six people in a Video Room. The Chat panel is open.

Add the feature

First, you'll need to add the Video Rooms feature to your event. You can add the feature multiple times, and each instance of the feature can have as many rooms as you'd like.

On the Edit Event page, click Add Features, find the Video Rooms feature, click Add, then click Done at the bottom.

Screenshot of the Add Features modal that shows the video rooms card.

Edit Settings

In your list of Features, click the Settings (⚙️) icon on the Video Rooms feature to bring up the edit modal. You can rename the feature, choose a custom icon, and limit the feature to specific Groups.

⭐ Keep in mind, Video Room sessions can't be recorded.

Screenshot of the Video Rooms Settings modal. The feature has been renamed to

Remember to click Save Changes when you're done!

Add rooms

Now, click Edit on the Video Rooms feature. On the next page, click New Video Room to add your first one.

⭐️ Keep in mind, you can also import Video Rooms.

Screenshot of the feature's edit page. The New Video Room button is highlighted.

In the modal that appears, you can customize the following:

  • Name - this is the name of the room that attendees will see. Remember that rooms are typically topic-based, and you can add as many as you need. If you need more than one room per topic, make sure you clearly number or otherwise tell attendees the difference between one and another.

  • Enable Room - this lets you keep a room closed until you're ready to let attendees in. If you don't want the room to be joinable right away, set the Enable Room toggle to 'No'. If a room isn't enabled, attendees can still see the room, and a message will be displayed explaining the room is unavailable, and they'll be unable to join.

    Screenshot of the New Video Room modal.

  • Icon - this lets you select an icon or add a custom image to the room. We highly recommend adding an image that will aid a user's understanding of the room's purpose. Images should be unique to each room topic.

  • Description - this is a text description that appears to attendees below the room's Name. Make sure the description tells the attendees what to expect in as few words as possible.

  • Moderators - this lets you add up to three people from your event's attendee list as Moderators, so make sure you've added them to the event! We'll talk about what Moderators can do later in this guide.

    ⚠️ Caution, if you’re at all concerned that a room topic may be controversial, we highly recommend adding at least one Moderator.

  • Internal Links - this lets you Add Internal Links to the room. For example, if you're setting up breakout rooms for sessions, search for and add the session(s) here. The room will appear on the session's page in the Agenda feature, and attendees can join the room directly from there.

    ⭐️ Keep in mind, internally linked items do not appear in the Video Rooms feature - just on the item the Room was linked to.

Click Save Changes when you're finished, and you're done making the room! Repeat this process for as many rooms as you need.

Managing Rooms

After you've added at least one room, there are several actions you can take from the edit page for the Video Rooms feature:

  • Filter and Search

  • Drag and drop to reorder

  • Edit or Delete

  • Multi-select and edit
    o Disable or Enable
    o Export

Animated GIF showing a user searching for Rooms, multiselecting and disabling rooms, and dragging and dropping to sort rooms.

Rooms in practice

When an attendee enters a Video Rooms feature, they can browse through available Rooms and join any that aren’t disabled or full. If a room is enabled and not full, the button below the room title and description will say Join. If the room is disabled or the participant limit has been reached, the button will say "Closed" or "Room is Full", respectively. After the 13 attendees have joined, moderators can still click Join, but attendees can't.

⭐️ Keep in mind, there are all sorts of problems attendees could run into with their browser, mic, video, and more. Check out this article for best practices and troubleshooting steps, and consider including this information in help or instructional content in your event.

Screenshot of a set of Video Rooms. One of them shows as

⭐️ Keep in mind, attendees can only join one Video Room at a time.

When joining a room for the first time, attendees must agree to any microphone and camera permissions their device or browser requires. Web App attendees must also select the correct video and audio devices and click Apply before they can join.

Screenshot of the pop-up that appears after a user clicks Join on a Video Room.

⭐️ Keep in mind, for the best experience, we recommend using the Web App in Google's Chrome browser.

While in the room, attendees can mute their mic or video, and type messages. From the messages panel, attendees can send each other connection requests without leaving the room.

Animated GIF of a user using the Add button after clicking on a user avatar in the video room.

⭐ Keep in mind, the number of people that can appear on the screen at one time depends on the user's device screen size and zoom level. If there are more participants than can fit on the screen, an arrow appears that lets users see the rest of the participants.

Web App attendees also have the option to share their screen with everyone else. If someone is sharing their screen, they have to end the share before someone else can use screen share.

If an attendee using the Web App is watching a Socio Streaming or Socio RTMP live stream, and they click into a video room, the live stream will mute, but continue to play in a small frame at the lower right corner of their screen. If the live stream uses any other streaming provider, the stream will close.


We've made it easy for moderators to know what to do in their Video Rooms! Consider sending this article to your moderators.

Moderators will see a "Moderated by you" tag on each room they've been assigned to.

Screenshot of a video room's card. The Moderated by you tag is visible.

Moderators can hover over an attendee video card to reveal the Remove button on the lower right corner. When a moderator clicks the button, a pop-up will ask for confirmation and let them choose how long the person will be banned from the room. There's also a checkbox that lets the moderator delete all of the attendee's text chats from that room.

Screenshot of the Remove button on a video card and the Confirm Remove modal.

Now you know how to set up and use Video Rooms in your event. Get those attendees talking!


After some of your attendees have used Video Rooms, you can check out the Feature Comparison chart on the Metrics tab to see how people are interacting with them. You can see the number of:

  • Clicks

  • Chats

You can also edit a Video Room and click the Download Chat Report and Download Participant List links.

Screenshot of the links just described.

The Chat Report contains the following:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Title

  • Company

  • Chat Text

The Participant List contains the following:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Title

  • Company

  • Joined At

⭐️ Keep in mind, you may see multiple entries for the same person in the Participant List export if people left and then rejoined the Video Room.

To see all of the additional data points outlined in the Export section of our Data Dashboard article, export the Metrics.

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