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The video below walks through the process of setting up Event Registration in the Socio Platform.


⭐️ Keep in mind, all fields in the Socio Platform that have an asterisk (*) are required.

To get started, go to the Registration page, and click Create Event.

In the modal that appears, you can choose to Start From Scratch or Select Existing Event to copy information from and link the registration to a Socio Event or Community. If you choose to Start From Scratch, attendees that register won't be automatically passed to a Socio Event, but you can link it later on.

Live Preview

The Preview on the right reflects the updates you make in real time, allowing you to view the registration page content as your attendees will see it.

Event Details

If you chose Select Existing Event, some of this information will be pre-populated from the Event or Community you selected.

Event Name - Enter the name of your event. We recommend that this follow the same naming convention that you have used in other materials, such as your website or registration site.

Display URL - The end of your display URL is customizable. We recommend using your event name and year.

Event Description - Describe what your event is all about! This could be copied and pasted from your event website if applicable.

☞ Does your event have a theme?
☞ Who attends this event?
☞ Do you want to highlight your event sponsorship here?

Is this a paid event? - From the drop-down, select whether attendees pay to attend your event. If you select yes, then you will see the payments section under settings, be able to add paid tickets, and enter currency information. If you select no, these will not be available.

Best Email Address to Reach You - This email serves as the main point of contact for your registration, and the person monitoring it should have access to the Socio Platform.

How many attendees are you expecting? - This field is internal-only. Enter the number of attendees that you are anticipating for the event. This helps us measure adoption of your event app.

What type of event are you planning? - From the drop-down, select the kind of event that most applies to your own.

Pick an Event Type -

  • In Person (Default)

  • Virtual

  • Hybrid

Event Location

Location - Search for the event location using the embedded Google Map search.

Venue Name - Enter the Venue Name, considering what people typically call the location.

Venue Address - The address will auto-populate based on the map selection. Double check that the address is correct.

Event Date & Time

Select Your Time Zone - Select the time zone that you'll build your content in.

Event Start Date / Time & Event Ending Date / Time - Select the start and end dates and times for your event from the calendar.

⭐️ Keep in mind, we recommend that these encompass all of your sessions or festivities, such as pre-conference workshops, post-conference workshops, or social events.

Organizer Information

The Organizer Information page is entirely optional.

Company or Organization Name

Enter the name of your company. We recommend that this follow the same naming convention that you have used in other materials, such as your website.


Describe what your company is all about! This could be copied and pasted from your website if applicable.

☞ Does your company have a main goal?
☞ Who are your customers?
☞ Why are you putting on this event?

Social Media and Accounts

Include any social media, phone numbers, emails or other accounts that you want users to use to engage with your company.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the information on this page will be used in the Organizer section on your registration page.


Registration Theme Color

This setting allows you to customize the theme color throughout your registration page. This color will be used on buttons, highlight accents, and some of the links. Select the color using the color picker, or enter a specific Hex or RGB color code of your choice.

Upload the Logo for your event with the following dimensions:

  • Minimum: 100px by 100px

  • Recommended: 500px by 500px

  • Maximum: 1000px by 1000px

The Logo will be shown on your registration page, as shown below:

Cover Image

Upload the Cover Image for your event with the following dimensions:

  • Minimum: 200px by 100px

  • Recommended: 1000px wide by 500px tall

  • Maximum: 2000px wide by 1000px tall

The Cover Image will be shown on your registration page, as shown below:


At least one ticket must be created in order to publish your event. You can also make changes to your Terms & Conditions and Refunds. Check out our Create Tickets article for more info.


If your event is a paid event, you must connect your registration event to Stripe before you can publish your event. Click the Connect with Stripe button and fill out the form to connect. Check out our Stripe & Socio article for more info.

Publish Event

You're ready to click the Publish Event button! Check out our Manage Event Registration article for more info on the new features and tools you'll have access to. 🙌

Questions? Chat Us or Email [email protected]

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