Once your registration event is published, you gain access to the following pages so you can finish building your event's registration.

Checkout Forms

Checkout forms allow you to customize what optional or required questions an attendee answers when checking out with a specific event ticket.

For more info on checkout forms, check this out.

Promo Codes

Promo Codes allow you to provide discounts or special offers to specific registrants that have the code.

For more info on promo codes, check this out.


Keeping in contact with your registrants after they sign up can be crucial if you need to make any changes to your event, or if you just want to keep excitement bubbling.

To learn how to use Emails, check this out.


The Orders page is where you can view order info and take actions (Resend Order Confirmation, View Tickets, Refund, Cancel) on existing orders.

For more info on managing orders, check this out.


Screenshot of the Attendees page.

The Attendees page allows you to view attendee information, add attendees, and take actions on their profile. For more info on managing attendees, check this out.

You can also use the Integration button to link your Registration to a Socio event if you started the Registration "from Scratch". More on this below.

Check In

Screenshot of the Check In page.

Check In is a simple tool that is easy to use to check attendees in or out of your event. You’re ready to get started with check in instantly! Check In is only available in a desktop browser.

For more info on using Check In, check this out.


The Metrics page is where you can review and share your registration dashboard and reports. The Metrics Dashboard is the perfect place to go for a quick snapshot of your event activity, both during and after your event.

For more info on registration metrics, check this out.


Settings is where you can customize almost everything about your registration page and process.

For more info on registration settings, check this out.

Linking Registration

If you chose the Start From Scratch option when you made your Registration, it won't be linked to an actual Socio Event. If you want to link it to a Socio Event or Community after the fact, publish the Event or Community, then go to your Registration's Attendees page and click Integration.

Screenshot of the Attendees page.

In the modal that appears, you can use the dropdown to link your Registration to any event or community you have access to. Click Save Changes when you're done.

Screenshot of the

⭐ Keep in mind, you can only link your Registration to Events or Communities that are in Building or Published status.

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