There are so many options for incorporating Live Streaming with Webex Events that you may be unsure where to start. We're here to help!

With Webex Events, attendees can join a live stream directly from their virtual agenda, or click a feature icon that instantly launches the live stream on mobile devices or a desktop computer for more optimal viewing. With multi-device capabilities, organizers can engage with users wherever they are. 🌎

⭐️ Keep in mind, the Live Stream feature and live stream function of Agenda sessions are only included with Hybrid and Virtual event types.

Choose the right live streaming platform

In addition to our very own Webex Events Streaming product, Webex Events seamlessly integrates with leading live streaming platforms! However, any Live Stream platform that provides a link can be used with Webex Events. When choosing a Live platform, ensure that it supports the specific use case you're wanting (breakout rooms, moderators, chat, etc.), so that the experience is smooth both from your side and the attendees' side. Support, security, pricing, and device compatibility are other considerations.

Use the right URL

If you don't use Webex Events Streaming, make sure the URL you copy from your chosen streaming provider is an "embed URL", if possible. Not all platforms will offer that type of URL, but popular ones like YouTube, Onestream, and Vimeo do. Here's an example of YouTube's embed URL:

Screenshot of the Embed Video modal on YouTube. The embed URL is highlighted.

⭐ Keep in mind, you don't need to copy an i-frame snippet - just the URL starting with "https://".

Hire an emcee

There's a lot that goes into putting on a Live Stream, along with the challenges of interacting with a “live” audience. Having someone to help share these responsibilities can make a huge difference in your results. This person can help keep the energy up, ensure smooth communication, and act as a point of contact.

The team you choose is up to you and should support your use case. You may want to have a co-host presenting the content with you and interacting with viewers, or have someone behind the curtains operating the equipment and monitoring the feed.

Clear & concise instructions

The multi-device capability allows users to toggle between their preferred devices for video consumption and networking. Users can use the Web App on their desktop computer, or the Event App on their mobile device. We recommend giving your attendees clear guidelines on how you want them to join and interact with your Live Stream.

Build a detailed run-of-show

We strongly recommend that you build a detailed run-of-show, including what each person will be doing during your Live Stream down to the minute. Share it with everyone involved, have them set reminders, and keep everyone on track.

Decide early which closed captions provider to use

Closed captions make your event more inclusive and broaden your audience. Webex Events Closed Captions & Translations is available with Webex Events Streaming and Webex Events RTMP – at no extra cost. Your attendees can turn on closed captions during a live stream and choose from 30+ language translations on both the Web App and Mobile App!

Screenshot of toggling Closed Captions to Yes and selecting Webex Events Closed Captions and Translations for a live stream.

To learn more, check out Webex Events Closed Captions & Translations.

⭐️ Keep in mind, Webex Events Closed Captions & Translations doesn't support audio captions or audio translations.

If you need audio captions or want human captioning, Webex Events partners with SyncWords and Interprefy and supports integration with other providers. It's up to you to coordinate with your chosen vendor. If you plan to work with a third-party caption provider, make sure you start the conversation with your vendor as early as possible. To learn more, check out Third-Party Caption Providers & Webex Events.

Prepare branding assets as early as possible

If you're going to be using custom Logos, Overlays, Video Clips, and Backgrounds, gather those assets, and upload them to your Webex Events Streaming studio or other broadcast software as early as possible so they're in place for testing and rehearsals. Use Brands in the Webex Events Streaming studio to quickly and easily switch from one set of branded content to another.

Animated GIF showing the Brand dropdown.


Conducting a test with virtual and on-site speakers should be priority #1 once your gear is set up. Have all people involved rehearse using the same equipment and software with the actual bandwidth and source signal that they'll use on the big day. We strongly recommend an end-to-end test, with all parts of the system included. During the test, confirm the stream is working on end user devices, including mobile phones (iPhone and Android), and laptops, and any other planned distributions.

If you'll be using Webex Events Streaming, check out our guide to running a test.

Manage participant distractions

We recommend shorter, more targeted sessions than you would typically put on for a live event. Demos, hands-on labs, and case studies are all great options! It's also a good idea to minimize the times that users need to "leave the event" by ensuring that all polls, Q&A, and surveys are embedded.

Keep attendees engaged

Engagement also helps manage their distractions. ☝️ Support engagement and enrich your content with moderated live polling and Q&A. You can even embed Slido! This also makes the recording more engaging for those who weren't able to watch live, and encourages them to participate live next time! Automated session reminders and announcements can also help increase attendance and engagement.

Embrace virtual sponsorship offerings

Screenshot of an Event Game rules modal in the Mobile App.

We make it easy to maximize sponsorship value in a Live Stream!

Offer your sponsors the opportunity to sponsor sessions, virtual giveaways, game challenges, and more. We're here to help you brainstorm.

Extend the life of your live stream

Screenshot showing the View Recording button on an Agenda session in the Web App.

Make your effort go further by putting your Live Stream recording to use after it's over. You can easily add the recording link to the session, making it intuitive for interested users to find it.

You're ready to rock your Live Stream! 🎸For a conversation tailored to your specific use case, reach out to your Webex Events contact.

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