The Single Item feature launches an item directly. This is similar to the Custom List feature, but instead has only one item that opens in a simple, one-click view. This feature is extremely flexible, and can be used in countless ways to add value to your event app! For a quick way to showcase information, the Single Item feature is a perfect solution.

For instructions on implementing this feature, and ideas for how to use it, check out the below. 👇

Enable the Single Item Feature

Add the Single Item feature to your feature list, and click Edit.

Enter the following fields:


People connect better with pictures! Click Upload Image to upload an image, or click Select Icon to select an icon.

Name* (required)

Enter the name of the item here. We recommend that you keep this short and simple, and include any additional information in the Label/Subtitle field.

Label / Subtitle 

Enter any additional information that would interest attendees in this item.


Optionally, add a Location for this item. 

For example, if the item is a session, you could add a room location here. If the item is a sponsor, you could add their booth location. If you're using the Maps feature, the location can be linked to a region on a map.


Enter a brief description here. This is one of the main areas where you can add the item's content.

Link to other content in your app, for easy navigation and reference. Want to learn more about internal links? Check this out!

Link to any applicable outside websites, or add a phone or email. Select whether the link should open in a new browser. Otherwise, the user won't even leave the app! Want to learn more about external links? Check this out!


Add any images or PDFs that are applicable to this item, and may be useful for attendees to reference.

⭐️ The Single Item feature is very similar to the Custom List feature. The biggest difference is, when an attendee taps the Single Item feature, the item opens immediately. When an attendee taps the Custom List feature, they see the items in a list, and must click an item to be taken to the item's information.

Examples of the Single Item Feature

  • Welcome Letter - A quick letter from the event organizer, premiere sponsor, or CEO can be a great way to get attendees excited and make them feel welcome.

  • Event Contact Info - Make it easy for attendees to get a hold of you, right when they need you. 

  • Health Tips - Encourage attendees to follow best practices for their health, such as coughing into the crook of their elbow or avoiding shaking hands. You can also add the location of your hand sanitizing station, or first aid booth.

  • Shuttle Schedule - Make it clear when folks should be where! You can also include an internal link to this item in an announcement that the shuttle is ready to go. 👍 

  • WiFi - Add the info attendees need front and center, and prevent lots of attendee questions.

  • Parking - Include parking information to help guests, and help make sure you're not fielding parking questions on day 1! You can even hide this feature after the first day using groups

  • Exhibitor Instructions - Provide your exhibitors with instructions for setting up and breaking down their booths, picking up their materials, and more. Use groups to ensure that exhibitors are the only ones who see this feature.

For a personalized discussion on how the Single Item feature can be used in your event, reach out to your Socio contact!


After attendees have had the chance to click around the feature a bit, you can check out the Feature Comparison chart on the Metrics tab to see how people are interacting with it. You can see:

  • Clicks

  • Chat

  • Notes Taken

  • Requested Follow-up

  • Scheduled Meetings

  • Attachment Clicks

  • External Link Clicks

  • Internal Link Clicks

To see all of the additional data points outlined in the Export section of our Data Dashboard article, export the Metrics.

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