Tracks are used to categorize sessions, and allow attendees to easily filter on sessions that match their role or interest. They can also be used to restrict access to add sessions to a personal agenda. For more info on Tracks and how to use these in your event app, check out the below! 👇

Enable Tracks

Tracks must be created before they can be added to sessions. Toggle to the Tracks page and click New Track, or import Tracks in a batch. Want to learn more about importing? Check this out!

Track Name

The Track Name is visible in the expanded session view and in the Agenda filters.

Track Short Name

The Track Short Name is visible in the daily view of the Agenda. 

⭐️ Keep in mind, limited information is included in the daily view of the Agenda. More information is included in the session view, when the session is clicked.

Track Color

The Track Color is shown in the app in the Agenda daily view, and the expanded session view, as well as the Agenda filters.

Visible To

The Visible To field is optional, and can be used to restrict visibility to specific Groups in the app. If this field is not used, the Track is visible to all attendees. Want to learn more about Groups? Check this out!

⭐️ You can reorder the Groups in the event app by dragging and dropping the three-line icon in the Socio Platform.  

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