Tracks are an advanced function of the Agenda feature and are used to categorize sessions. This lets attendees easily filter Agenda sessions down to only those that match their role or interest. Tracks + Groups can also be used to restrict access to certain Agenda sessions.

Add tracks

From the Edit Event/Community page, hover over the Agenda feature, and click Edit. This takes you to the Sessions tab of the Agenda page.

Screenshot showing a user hovering their mouse over the Edit button of the Agenda feature.

Tracks must be created before they can be applied to sessions. Click the Tracks tab, and then click New Track.

Screenshot showing the new track button.

⭐️ Keep in mind, you can also import multiple tracks at once.

In the modal that appears, enter the following:

Screenshot of the New Track modal.
  • Track Name - This is visible in the expanded session view and in the Agenda filters.

  • Track Short Name - The Short Name is visible in the daily view of the Agenda.

  • Track Color - The Track Color is shown with the Short Name in the Agenda daily view, the expanded session view, and the Agenda filters.

  • Visible To - The Visible To field is optional and can be used to restrict visibility to specific Groups. If this field is not used, the track is visible to all attendees.

⭐️ Keep in mind, limited information is included in the daily view of the Agenda. More information is included in the session view, when the session is clicked.

Manage tracks

Once you've created some tracks, you can manage them in a couple ways from the Tracks tab.

Use the Settings (⚙️) icon next to each item to Edit or Delete a track, or click and drag on the two lines next to the cog to re-order the tracks.

Screenshot showing two tracks being reordered.

You can also check the boxes next to several tracks, and then click the three dots next to the search field to export or delete multiple tracks at once.

Screenshot showing two tracks multiselected and the three dot icon activated.

Tracks in practice

When attendees view the Agenda on the Web App or Mobile App, the name of the track(s) applied to each session appears below the session name.

Attendees can click or tap the filter button in the top right corner of the screen to filter sessions by track as well.

Screenshot of the session filter modal.

Now you know how to use Tracks! 🎊 For related reading, check out our guide on Groups.

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