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Web Link Feature Setup Guide
Web Link Feature Setup Guide
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Using the Web Link feature adds value and depth to your Event App by letting you link to or even embed content from any website! It's a perfect solution if you want a quick, high-visibility way to highlight external web content.

A Web Link feature icon in the Mobile App and a survey embedded in the Web App.

This article explains how to set up the Web Link feature and provides some great examples of how you can use a Web Link in your Event App.

Add the Web Link feature

In your Event navigation bar under 'Event App', click Features, then click Add Features.

The process just described.

In the modal that appears, search for the feature, click Add, then close the modal.

Edit settings

To customize the feature's name and icon or limit its visibility using groups, hover over the feature and click the Settings (⚙️) icon. When you're done making updates, click Save Changes.

Add a link to the feature

  1. In the navigation bar under ‘Event App’, click Features.

  2. Click the Web Link feature.

  3. In the modal that appears, paste a website URL into the 'Link' field.

  4. Uncheck the Open link in external browser checkbox if you want the linked content to open inside your Event App instead of in a new tab.

    💡 Keep in mind, test the feature when you uncheck the 'Open link in external browser' option to make sure the content embeds in the Web App. If something won't embed, read our article about troubleshooting site embedding. External Link content always opens in Mobile App users' default browsers.

  5. Finally, decide if you want to use the Pass Data to URL option to send attendee data to the external site.

    The steps just described.
  6. Click Save Changes when you're done.

That's it! Now let's examine how it works in an event. 🔍

The Web Link feature in practice

When attendees click or tap the Web Link feature, the link opens immediately. If you've unchecked the 'Open link in external browser' option, the content appears embedded in the web version of the Event App. Here's a Miro whiteboard embedded in an Event App's web version:

A Miro board embedded in a Webex Events Web App.

Mobile App users always access the content in their device's default web browser.

How others have used the Web Link feature

  • Community awareness page - Do you have a product forum or event community? Use the Web Link feature to highlight that.

  • Selfie Booth/Photo Gallery - Link to a photo gallery from last year's keynote or an album for the welcome party. Read our article about embedding third-party platforms into your Event App to learn how to embed tools like Snapbar.

    A Snapbar selfie booth in the Web App.
  • Registration promo - Add a link to your next event's registration page to keep attendees interacting throughout the year.

  • Google Map - Add a link to your customized Google Map with the event venue, surrounding restaurants, hotels, and more. You can even monetize this feature by offering a "pin" for your community sponsors.

  • Google Slides - Let attendees review your keynote slide deck, or link to a folder of slides in Google Drive.

  • Restaurant list - Do you know of a top restaurant website or blog for your city? Don't recreate information that's already available — link to it from the Event App.

  • Donations - Link to your donations website directly from the Event App.

  • Live Display - Live Display doesn't have to be only for in-person attendees. Use the Web Link feature to showcase Live Display within the app so that virtual attendees can enjoy it, too. Folks have even used Live Display as their Event App "Welcome" page.

  • Book a cab - Partner with a local cab company to make sure attendees get home safely after cocktail hour. 🍸

  • Book a hotel - Have a room block at a local hotel? Want to encourage folks to stay on-site? Add a direct link to a hotel's registration site in the app. Consider monetizing this feature by partnering with a hotel in the area.

  • Sponsor website - Make it easy to learn more about your premier sponsors by giving them their own icon. This is a great option to offer for top sponsorship tiers.

  • Playlist - Share a playlist with attendees! One of our customers used the Web Link feature to link to a Spotify playlist they curated for their event. 🎶


After attendees have had a chance to click around the Event App, review the feature comparison chart on the Event App Metrics page to review the number of clicks for the feature.

For an overview of all the additional data points outlined in the Export section of our Event App Metrics article, export the Metrics.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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