The Web List feature is a list of hyperlinks. This feature is extremely flexible, and can be used in countless ways to add value to your event app! For a quick way to link to information that is best presented in a collection of websites, the Web List feature is a perfect solution.

For instructions on implementing this feature, and ideas for how to use it, check out the below. 👇

Implement the Web List Feature

Add the Web List feature to your feature list, and click Edit on the Web List feature icon. You can either click New Item, or click Import to add items in bulk. 

Clicking New Item prompts you to enter the following fields:


People connect better with pictures! Click Select Image to upload an image, or click Change Icon to select an icon.

Name* (required)

Enter the name of the item here. We recommend that you keep this short and simple, and include any additional information in the Label/Subtitle field.


Enter any additional information that would interest attendees in this link.


Select the Category that this link is in, if applicable. Attendees can use categories to filter on the links they want to view.

Enter the Link in the field. 

Optionally, select the checkbox to open the link in an external browser. Otherwise, attendees won't even leave the app when they click this item!

Link to other content in your app, for easy navigation and reference. Want to learn more about internal links? Check this out!

⭐️ The Web List feature is very similar to the Custom List feature. The biggest difference is, when an attendee taps an item in a Web List, the linked site is immediately opened. When an attendee taps an item in a Custom List, they are taken to the item's information, which can include an external link. 

Examples of the Web List Feature

  • City Guide - Curate a list of restaurants, hotels, and attractions in the area surrounding your venue, and link directly to their websites. 

  • Surveys/Q&A/Polls - If you are using a multiple rooms feature in Q&A and Polls, or creating different surveys for each of your sessions, you can create a complete list of sessions that link to those items.

  • Live Streams - This is the perfect feature to link to a Live Stream of your sessions. Combined with the other features in your app, it'll be just like they're there in person.

  • Videos/Podcasts - Provide your attendees with a curated list of videos or podcasts that promote your sponsors or event, or support their learning gains!

  • Weather - Particularly if attendees will be outside for a portion of your event, it can be helpful to provide a direct link to the projected weather for each day of the event. 

  • Books - Did any of your speaker's write a book, or discuss a book in their presentation? Link directly to the book in an online store, for easy purchasing.

  • Quick Links/Additional Resources - If you have information already on your website, such as the dress code, WiFi info, and parking info, link to it here and make it easy on yourself!

  • Venues - Will you attendees be traveling between different venues, or will their be an after-party at another location? Help them navigate by providing links to each of the venues' locations on Google Maps.

For a personalized discussion on how the Web List feature could be used in your event, reach out to your Socio contact!


After attendees have had a chance to click around the event a bit, you can check out the Feature Comparison chart on the Metrics tab to see the number of Clicks for each item in the list.

To see all of the additional data points outlined in the Export section of our Data Dashboard article, export the Metrics.

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