The Announcements feature can be used to keep your attendees up to date, alert them of exciting activity within your event, and drive traffic where you want it most!

You can schedule these push notifications to go out at designated times, choose who you want them to be sent to, and even use them to encourage survey participation, or update attendees on cancellations and room changes. Check out the best practices for announcements below!

General Recommendations

  • Notification Opt In - Keep in mind that, like all apps, attendees can opt out of notifications for your event app. If they feel that the event app is "spamming" their phone, they'll turn notifications off! If you're looking for a hard and fast rule, here it is - don't send more than 1 announcement per hour and don't send more than 5 per day. Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about how to break that rule...

  • Keep Your Audience in Mind - The type and tone of announcements you send needs to fit your event. Think about your audience and what is important to them. If you're using an announcement to replace an email, they may be okay with more announcements! You can get away with more prompts for the event game, or critical updates like room changes, than sponsored notifications. 

  • Target Specific Groups - Use Groups to target the specific people that should receive your announcement, to ensure other groups aren't being spammed and to personalize the experience! Send notifications to your Staff group, or special messages to your VIP group.

Before the Event

  • Updates to the Event App - You may want to let attendees know when you've uploaded the attendees list, or updated the agenda with all the sessions, speakers, and room locations. Show them the value of the app now, and they'll keep coming back!

  • Day Before Welcome/Reminders - Share any reminders around parking, check-in or registration instructions, or directions. You can even link to more info, like the venue's website!

  • Prompt to Update App Profile - If networking is important for your event, make sure attendees know the importance of their "digital business card". A quick prompt with a link to our Attendee Event App Help Center goes a long way: "Don't forget to update your profile in the app. Click here to learn how!"

  • Encourage Excitement - A short note letting attendees know you're excited to see everyone tomorrow will get users thinking about the event.

  • Promote App Features - Consider what features are most important for your event, and share links to our Attendee Event App Help Center accordingly. If networking is a priority, share our Networking Best Practices. If the event schedule is your main focus, share the Master My Agenda article!

During the Event

  • Sponsored Notifications - Send announcements "from" a Sponsor, prompting attendees to go to their booth or website.

  • Important Agenda Reminders - Remind attendees that the keynote presentation starts in 5 minutes, or that snacks are available in the rotunda.

  • Promote App Engagement - Announcements are a great way to promote the event game, or any other app feature that is important for your event.

After the Event

⭐️ Keep in mind, it is likely that some attendees will uninstall the app after the event. 

  • Prompt Attendees to Complete an Event Survey - If you are using a post-event survey, send a survey reminder after the event to increate the completion rate. Link directly to the survey to make it easy for attendees to complete!

  • Sponsored Notifications - Send announcements "from" a Sponsor, thanking attendees for coming to the event and prompting them to check out the Sponsor's website.

  • Thanks for Attending, See You Next Year - Thanking everyone for attending goes a long way! You can include a link to next year's event RSVP, and get people excited to come back.

  • Send Targeted Reminders to Exhibitors and Staff - Remind your vendors to clean up their booths or follow up with their leads, and remind staff to complete any final tasks.

You're ready to rock the Announcements feature! 🎸For a step-by-step walkthrough of Announcements, check out our Feature Guide: Announcements article. 👍 


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