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Introduction to Branded Apps
Introduction to Branded Apps

What is a Branded App and how is it different than the Webex Events App?

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Attendees interact with your Event App in one of two ways: on a computer's web browser using the Web App, or through the Webex Events App on an iOS or Android device. The Mobile App experience has static colors and branding specific to Webex Events, and attendees can browse all Event Apps published to the Webex Events App — not only yours.

The Agenda feature on the Web App and the Mobile App.

Implementing a Branded App instead of the Webex Events App gives your attendees a fully branded Mobile App experience with only your Events.

This article guides you through the benefits and considerations for both options to help you make an informed decision. If you decide that a Branded App is right for you, the last section of this article explains how to get started.

Branded App benefits

All the same features

No matter which option you choose, you can still build your Event with over 20 Event App features. Creating your Event App follows the same process regardless of which option you choose, including choosing custom icon labels, images, and feature content. The key differences are:

  • You publish your Event to your Branded App instead of the Webex Events App.

  • Your Branded App has its own unique colors, branding, name, app icon, and listing in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

App download experience

  • Webex Events App - Attendees download the Webex Events App from the App Store or Play Store and then search for your Event among the list of all others.

  • Branded App - Attendees download your unique app from the App Store or Play Store and browse only your Events.

    The Webex Events App in the Apple App Store and a Branded App in the Apple App store.


If you want a unified and fully branded app experience, then a Branded App is for you! While the Webex Events App has a static orange theme color and Webex Events branding, the Branded App lets you customize these elements. Let's compare the Webex Events App and a Branded App in the following sections. Each image shows the Webex Events App on the left and a Branded App on the right.

Custom Icon

Since your Branded App is all about your brand, your app has its own custom icon that appears on app users' device home screens instead of the Webex Events logo. 😄

Side by side comparison of the Webex Events App icon and a Branded App icon.

Splash Screen

When the app is loading, or when someone switches from one Event App to another, the Webex Events App simply shows the Webex Events Logo. Your Branded App lets you show off your brand's style, include a shout-out to your title sponsor, or both! 🙌 The splash screen only appears for a second or two, so don't include too much information.

Side by side comparison of the Webex Events App icon and a Branded App icon.

Theme Color

The Webex Events App always shows navigation elements such as the top and bottom bar and page indicators in "Webex Events orange". With your Branded App, set the theme color to match your custom icons and branding. 🌈

Side by side comparison of branding on the Webex Events App and the Branded Event App.

Sign up, log in, and social experience

App users can sign up for the Webex Events App using their email address or social account.

The Branded App lets you customize the sign-up and login experience for app users. Enable any combination of email, social accounts, and SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On (SSO) login options, and even customize the order in which some options appear on the login page. Read our article about customizing sign up and log in options to learn more.

💡 Keep in mind, SSO is available at no additional cost! We recommend planning for 2 additional weeks to configure and test SSO. This means you must allow at least 9 weeks between purchasing your Branded App and the date of your first event.

After attendees log in to a Branded App that contains a virtual or hybrid Event, they can use the awesome Shake & Connect feature with no distance limitation, regardless of the event type!

Branded App considerations


All Webex Suite Enterprise customers get one Branded App at no extra cost. You may spend more money commissioning splash screen graphics and people power to manage your Apple Developer account and SSO. If budget is more important than branding, the Webex Events App is still a great option.

Time and effort

Event Apps published to the Webex Events App are available instantly, so it's the best option if you're on a tight deadline and need a quick turn-around with a fabulous result. Your app is ready as soon as your Event is!

For Branded Apps, there are several moving parts that can take a varying amount of time. We recommend no less than 7 weeks to get your app ready, or 9 weeks if you're using Single Sign-On (SSO).

  • Apple Developer Account - Your organization must have its own D-U-N-S number and Apple Developer account, which can take 2-4 weeks total to set up. Setting these up and granting Webex Events access to your Apple Developer account are the parts of the Branded App process that take the most time.

  • Event App creation - Before submitting your Branded App, you must have a published Event App to link it to. Your Event App doesn't have to be anywhere near complete. However, there are some crucial graphical elements that have to be in place, including custom icons, cover image, and banners.

  • App submission - When you have your Apple Developer account, you must configure and publish the app, which sends it to our team so we can finalize the submission to Apple.

    • You must submit the app no less than 21 days before attendees should be able to access the app.

    • If you're using your organization's SSO, plan to publish your Branded App no less than 30 days before attendees should be able to access the app.

💡 Keep in mind, after you submit your Branded App, you and your attendees won't be able to access the web version of any linked Event Apps for 3-4 days. When the app's status changes to "Waiting for App Store Approval", access is restored.

Next steps

Ready to make your very first Branded App? Read our Apple and Google Developer Process Overview article to get started! 🎉

As you work through setting up your Apple Developer Account, start building your Event App and Branded App. This ensures you can submit your app as soon as possible. Give your team time to create graphics and draft the official app description, and don't forget our hassle-free Branded App submission tips! 🧠

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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