Live Display is customizable in both design and content. Keep in mind that your event is tied directly to your increasingly important brand. Tailor the color scheme and features used in your Live Display to align perfectly with your event and your overall image! 

Enable the Live Display Screen

After you activate Live Display, you're all set to enable it and start building your very own Live Display!

Live Display → Your Event → Enable Live Display

Preview and Publish

Now you can start building, designing, and customizing your Live Display! You can preview changes as you make them with the Live Preview feature!

Keep in mind, none of your changes will be reflected on Live Display until you select Publish Changes.

Choose and Customize Your Features

Building the perfect Live Display is a breeze as it uses the content you already have set up for the Event App! Follow the steps below to customize your Live Display.

Be sure to select and customize the features that are most useful for your event. Each feature can be enabled by selecting Yes or No. 

The features will allow you to adjust the wording and icon of each feature by selecting (Edit). From this page, you can change the Name, Icon Page Display Time, and Empty Screen Message. Some features will have even more ways to be customized!


Choose a color for your Live Display and select which basic options you want to use. Learn more about each option below.

Body colors

The color you choose will become the main color used throughout the Live Display! We recommend using a darker color or a color that will contrast well with white text.

Show date and time

Decide if you would like the date and time to be displayed on the bottom bar of the Live Display.

Show ticker

Choose to display Tickers (scrolling messages) on the bottom bar of Live Display. You can add as many Tickers as you would like, and you can also control the Animation Speed of the Ticker Messages.

Show announcement popups

You can also showcase the announcements you make from the Socio Platform to your attendees on the Live Display. Check out the preview below ⬇️

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