The best attendees are engaged attendees. Learn how to set up a Game feature and challenges below to get your attendees even more hooked on your event! To learn more about game best practices and what is possible with gamification, check out this article.

Create Your Game and all the Challenges

It is important to design your game in a way that the rules, rewards, and challenges make sense for your event and its attendees. A game can be for the entire event or only a part of it. Some common themes of games are competitions, scavenger hunts, check-ins, and networking - but only you know what is best for your event! 

Edit the Game Settings

Click the Settings (⚙︎) icon on the game feature to edit the game settings, including the title and description, and the leaderboard visibility.

Feel free to play around with different concepts with your team or ask us about an idea you have! 

Show Leaderboard

Optionally, you can uncheck the Show Leaderboard checkbox to hide the leaderboard tab in the app. If hidden, users will be unable to see others' scores and rankings within the game.

Game Title

Choose a brief yet descriptive name to appear within the game. This will appear inside the Event Game when viewing the instructions. 

Game Description

Tell your attendees what the game is, how to play, and what the rewards are for winners. The goal is to explain the game well and get your attendees excited!

How to create a Challenge


The name of the challenge as it will appear in the app. Give your challenges a creative name!


The number of points to be awarded to each attendee when they complete this challenge by entering the Code. The points should be related to the difficulty of the challenge or the how valuable this challenge is!


The secret code that attendees will need to enter to complete this challenge. We recommend using a brief, not-easily-guessed code. Let us know if you need help creating codes!

⭐️ Keep in mind, the code will automatically be in all caps. The character limit for codes is 25.

Challenge Description 

Tell your attendees what they need to do to complete the challenge and earn the points. It is recommended that you use this field to explain the challenge, what is required for each attendee to complete this challenge, and how to obtain the Code.

Enable this challenge

The ability to enable or disable this challenge. Turn the challenge on or save it for later when you are ready to make it available. When disabled this challenge will not be visible to your attendees. 

You're well on your way to creating an engaging game that your attendees (and exhibitors/sponsors, and event team members...) will love. 😍 Check out our Event Game Best Practices article for even more great tips!


After some of your attendees have used the Event Game, you can check out the Challenges and Leaderboard panels on the Metrics tab.

Screenshot of the Challenges and Leaderboard panels on the Metrics tab.

You can also look at the Feature Comparison chart to see the number of:

  • Clicks
  • Completed Challenges

The Event Game feature also has its own dedicated export. Click the Export Report button at the top of the Metrics page to download it.

Screenshot of the Metrics tab. The Export Report button is expanded, and the Event Game option is highlighted.

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