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Session Check-in Device Setup
Session Check-in Device Setup
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1. Download the Onsite app and log in

If you don't already have the Onsite by Webex Events (Socio) app installed on your device, visit the App Store, search for the Onsite by Webex Events app, and install it.

💡 Keep in mind, you must log in to the Onsite app using your Webex Events platform account login. Make sure that everyone who needs access to the Onsite app is added to your team on the Webex Events platform. To learn how, read our Invite Admins to Your Team and Manage Team Settings article.

2. Select your Event and check-in mode

After you log in to the Onsite app, find your Event in the list and tap on it. On the next screen, tap Session Check-In.

The process just described.

3. Set device names for reporting (optional)

If you want to know exactly which device attendees use to check in to a Session, it's important to set a unique device name for each check-in device.

  1. Tap the profile image at the top of the screen to access settings. If necessary, enter the settings password.

  2. Tap the Device Name option and enter a new name.

    1. If you'll have more than one device for a single room, name them with the room name or number, adding "1" or "2", afterward.

    2. If staff are using their personal devices to check attendees in, they can enter their name as the device name.

Now, when you download Session Check-in reports, the 'Device Name' column will show which attendees checked in with which devices.

4. Lock Sessions (optional)

If you don't want people using this device to access the full Session list, simply lock the device to one or more Sessions.

  1. Tap the lock icon at the top of the screen.

  2. Select the Sessions the device should have access to.

  3. Tap Confirm Selections.

  4. Enter the settings password, then tap Restrict Access.

    The process just described.

To lock the device to a single Session, tap on the Session and tap the lock icon there.

💡 Keep in mind, if you're locking a device before giving it to another staff member, make sure they know the settings password if they should have access to the full Session list.

5. Check details and start check-in

Finally, tap on a Session to review its details and start the check-in process. Before you start checking in attendees, check the following items on the Overview tab.

If you're an event organizer, check the following information to make sure the Session configuration is correct. Make any necessary changes in the Webex Events platform.

If your role is to check attendees in and out, reviewing this information will help you understand who's allowed in the Session.

  1. Expand the Settings section and review the check-in policy, access control policy, and the capacity limit. While it's good to know this information, the app will prevent attendees who aren't in the correct tracks from checking in if access is limited by tracks.

  2. Expand the Tracks section to check which tracks are associated with the Session, if any.

The Settings and Tracks sections of a Session page expanded.

Now, tap Start Check-In to check attendees in and out. Now, read our article about Using Session Check-in for a complete guide to checking attendees in.

Questions? Chat with us, email, or attend a Face to Face session.

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