About Vbrick

Vbrick is a flexible and secure enterprise live streaming and video content management platform. You can embed Vbrick webcasts and pre-recorded videos in many places in the Webex Events Platform, and this article explains how!

Vbrick Resources

Vbrick Rev's Help Guides have a lot of great information about how to use Vbrick Rev. We also suggest going to Vbrick's website to learn more about them.

How Vbrick content works with Webex Events

You can link and embed a live stream (AKA webcast in Vbrick) hosted on VBrick Rev in a Live Stream feature or an Agenda session, and you can also embed pre-recorded video in a Live Stream feature, Agenda session, Speaker, Sponsor, or Exhibitor Profile, or a Custom List item.

Copy the webcast embed code from Vbrick Rev

First, create an event in Vbrick Rev and fill out the details. All settings, including when the Webcast starts, video source, and more, are controlled in the Vbrick Rev platform, outside Webex Events. Here are some great resources about Vbrick events and managing a webcast.

To ensure that attendees will have unrestricted access to the Vbrick Webcast in your Webex Events App, you should adjust the following settings when creating or editing a Vbrick event.

In the Attendees section on the Vbrick event, set the Listing Type to Public and set the Attendee Join Method to Anonymous. This ensures that attendees can view the Webcast in the Webex Events App without a Vbrick account or a password.

Screenshot of the process just described.

⭐️ Keep in mind, If you want to restrict live stream access to only attendees with a password that you share with them, add the password to the Password field. When attendees join the live stream in the Event App, they'll be prompted to enter the password before they can access the live stream content.

Don't forget to click Save!

Next, click the Embed Webcast button. In the modal that appears, select Video Only if you aren't using Vbrick's Q&A, Chat, and Polls and simply want to show the video in the Event App. Click Copy.

Screenshot of copying a Webcast Embed code in Vbrick.

Now you're ready to paste the Embed code into a Live Stream feature or Agenda session. 🎊 If you don't need to upload and embed a pre-recorded video, skip to the next section for instructions on pasting the embed code in Webex Events.

Upload a video to Vbrick Rev and copy the embed code

First, upload a video to Vbrick Rev. To learn how, read Vbrick's Upload Video documentation.

Once you've uploaded the video, you'll need to adjust some Video Settings. The Video Settings page has a lot of useful settings, and we've highlighted a few important ones you should save when embedding a Vbrick video in Webex Events.

Screenshot of the Video Settings page in Vbrick Rev.
  1. Set the Status to Active and leave the 'Publish' date as today's date.

  2. Toggle Access Control Public on.

    1. If you want to restrict video access to only attendees that have a password you share with them, add the password to the 'Password' field. When attendees open the video in the Event App, they'll be prompted to enter the password before watching the video.

    2. If you want everyone in your event to have access to watch the video, leave the 'Password' field blank.

  3. Click Save when you're finished editing Video Settings.

On the Video page, click the Sharing icon. If you want the video to play immediately after an attendee clicks the feature icon on the Event App, expand the Playback section and toggle Autoplay on. Select Embed and click Copy.

Screenshot of the process just described.

Now you're ready to add the Embed code to a feature item in Webex Events! 🎊

Embed a Vbrick live stream or pre-recorded video in Webex Events

⭐️ Keep in mind, when embedding a Vbrick live stream or video in Webex Events, be sure to uncheck the 'Open link in external browser' checkbox so Web App users see the video or live stream embedded in your event. 👍

Live Stream feature or Agenda session

When editing a Live Stream feature or Agenda session, click the Live Stream drop-down and select Other. Paste the embed code in the Add the Embed Code field. The embed code contains the URL you'll need to paste in the Live Stream URL field.

Here's an example: Your embed code should follow this format:

 <iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://domain.rev-na.vbrick.com/embed/webcast/e45ef1b9-b460-4ad5-b488-211c2ea8c052" style="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Using the example above, the URL you'd paste in the Live Stream URL field would look something like this:


Leave the 'Open link in external browser' option unchecked. You can also enable Chat and add a Custom Tab in the Attendee Engagement section.

Screenshot of the Live Stream section when editing a Live Stream feature.

You can also select Other as the Agenda session's Video Recording provider and paste the Vbrick URL and embed code there!

Screenshot of the Video Recording section when editing an Agenda session.

Attendees simply click the Live Stream feature, and the video launches instantly. With an Agenda session, the video is available 15 minutes before the session's start time.

Sponsor, Exhibitor, Speaker, and Custom List items

Sponsor, Exhibitor, Speaker, and Custom List features all support embedded pre-recorded video. For more information about these features, refer to the feature guides linked below:

When adding or editing a new item in the Sponsors, Exhibitors, Speakers, or Custom List features, select Other from the Content Provider drop-down and Add the URL and the embed code.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the Content Provider drop-down is only available when the feature is set to Grid View.

Screenshot of the Content Provider section when editing a sponsor profile.

Click Save Changes when you're done.

When attendees using the Web App click on an item in one of these features, the Vbrick video appears in the middle of the screen.

Screenshot of a Sponsor profile with video on the Web App.

Common questions

How do I restrict access to my Vibrick Rev video or live stream?

You can restrict access to pre-recorded videos and livestreams through the Webex Events Platform via Event Privacy Settings, and you can use Groups to further restrict access.

Alternatively, Vbrick Rev lets you restrict access to videos and live streams by requiring a password or a Vbrick login to view the content. To learn more about restricting access using Vbrick Rev, refer to Vbrick Rev's help documentation:

What security features does Vbrick offer?

Refer to Vbrick's Security page to find Vbrick security and privacy resources.

How can I get Vbrick? Is there a cost?

Vbrick offers annual subscriptions with different options depending on your needs. You can request details about pricing for Vbrick products on Vbrick's website.

How many licenses are included when I purchase Vbrick?

There are a few different packages that Vbrick offers. Refer to their documentation about Licensing Types and Add-Ons to learn more.

What video file formats does Vbrick support?

Vbrick supports multiple video file formats. Vbrick's Video and Audio Formats guide provides a comprehensive list of all accepted video file formats.

Does Vbrick record Webcasts?

Yes, you can either adjust settings in your Vbrick Rev event so that the webcast records automatically, or you can click the Record button manually once the Webcast starts. For more information, refer to Vbrick's documentation about Webcast Recording Settings.

Can I edit videos in Vbrick?

Yes, you can edit some elements of uploaded videos. The following resources explain what you can do and how to do it:

What’s the difference between embedding a Vbrick webcast or pre-recorded video into the Live Stream provider field vs the Recording field?

For the Live Stream feature, the behavior is the same. For the Agenda feature, the button attendees click on says Join Live Stream or View Recording, depending on which one you chose. The Join Live Stream button appears 15 minutes before the session’s scheduled start time. The View Recording button appears up to 15 minutes after the session’s scheduled end time.

Now you know all about using Vbrick with Webex Events! Did you know Webex Events also has live streaming and pre-recorded video capabilities? Read Live Streaming and Webex Events to learn more!

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