You've filled in your Event Basics, configured the Onsite App, and designed some awesome badges. Now you're ready to publish your Onsite event, set up your Onsite equipment, and start printing badges! This article shows you how to publish your event and manage its settings after publishing. Read on, or watch the video below for a demo.

Publish Onsite

Publishing your Onsite event adds it to the Onsite by Webex Events App so you can use the app at your event. Attendees can't see or access anything related to Onsite until they step up to an iPad at your venue. 👍

⭐️ Keep in mind, to publish Onsite, you must have at least one complete Badge and one Attendee.

From the Basics, Attendees, Onsite App, or Badge tabs of your Onsite event, click the Publish button. In the modal that appears, select the team that should manage the Onsite event and click Publish Onsite. That's it!

Screenshot showing the process just described.

⭐ Keep in mind, if you've already published Onsite and need to simply publish changes to badges, click the Badge tab, then click Publish Changes at the bottom of the page. Be sure open the Onsite App's settings on each iPad and tap Refresh all onsite data to update badge print designs.

Manage Onsite Settings

After you publish your Onsite event, the available tabs change slightly. Here's what each tab contains:

Screenshot of Onsite Settings menu options.
  • Metrics - Analyze attendee check-in activity both during and after check-in with this comprehensive metrics dashboard.

  • Basics - Edit the Onsite event details you filled in when you made the event.

  • Attendees - View attendees and add new ones to your Onsite event, or link the event to an existing Webex Events Registration. Remember that all attendees added to your linked Webex Events Registration Event are added to Onsite automatically.

  • Onsite App - Configure the attendee experience in the Onsite App, including backgrounds, button labels, check-in methods, and more.

  • Badge - Add and design new badges or edit existing ones. Remember to click Publish Changes at the bottom of the page whenever you make changes on the Badge page. After that, go to the Onsite App's settings on each iPad and tap Refresh all onsite data so your new designs and edits print on badges.

  • Settings

    • Select Team - Change the team associated with the Onsite Event. The team you select must have at least one Onsite credit available.

    • Pair an Event - Select an Event App or Community to link to your Onsite event. This isn't the same as the 'Integrate with Registration' feature found on the Attendees tab. If you link an Event App or Community, attendees added to the Event App will sync to Onsite, even if a Registration event is integrated.

      ⚠️ Caution! Attendees manually added to an Event App won't have an associated Attendee Type. Only add attendees to your linked Registration Event if you need them to sync to Onsite with an attendee type.

    • Delete - Opens a chat window where you can ask our support team to delete the Onsite event.

That's all there is to it! Now that you've published your event, it's time to set up your Onsite kit and start printing those badges. 🖨️

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