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Publish and Manage Webex Events Onsite
Publish and Manage Webex Events Onsite
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Publishing Onsite adds it to the Onsite by Webex Events App so you can use the app at your event. Attendees can't access anything related to Onsite until they step up to an iPad or iPhone at your venue. This article shows you how to publish Onsite and manage it after publishing.

Before you start...

To publish Onsite, you must do the following:

Publish Onsite

In your Webex Event or Community's Onsite menu under the Basics, Onsite App, or Badge tabs, click the Publish button. In the modal that appears, click Publish Onsite to confirm. That's it!

Screenshot showing the process just described.

💡 Keep in mind, if you've already published Onsite and need to simply publish changes to badges, click the Badge tab, then click Publish Changes at the bottom of the page. Be sure open the Onsite App settings on each iPad and tap Refresh all onsite data to update badge print designs.

Manage Onsite

After you publish Onsite, the Metrics tab becomes available in the sidebar. Analyze attendee event and session check-in activity both during and after check-in with this comprehensive metrics dashboard. Read our article about Onsite Metrics for more information.

Screenshot of the Onsite Metrics page.

You can also review and edit the Basics, Onsite App, and Badges pages at any time after publishing. 👍

⚠️ Caution! If you edit a badge, click Publish Badges on the Onsite Badge page, then open the Onsite App's settings on each iPad at your venue, and tap Refresh all onsite data so the updated badge designs will print.

That's all there is to it!

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