The Socio Platform is extremely customizable, so the possible combinations and configurations of features are nearly limitless. You work hard to build the attendee experience, so when attendees use the Event App to its fullest, everyone benefits. Guidance and help content tailored to your audience, event, features, and branding is the best way to orient attendees when they first enter your event app and provide them with help and answers along the way.

This article provides some stellar examples of how other organizers handled their attendee walkthrough and help content. We hope these will serve as inspiration for creating your own content. 🌟 You'll also find some general guidelines around what to cover at the end.

Walkthrough and help content examples

Video Walkthrough

If you have access to someone with video editing experience on your team, a personalized video that's specific to your event can be very impactful! Providing attendees with a walkthrough of your specific event features encourages them to participate and get the most out of your event. We've seen customers create some amazing videos. Here's one we thought was great.

⭐️ Keep in mind, when making a video walkthrough, remember to move your cursor slowly and smoothly so people can keep up with what you're doing.

Not to toot our own horn, but we made a pretty stellar Web App tour, too! 🎺

Video Library

This Socio customer went above and beyond with an entire library of bite-sized videos for their attendees, including a tour, login and password reset tutorials, and more! Click the image below to see their entire library of videos.

Screenshot of the videos on the TACA Autism Conference's Tutorials page.

TACA hosted these videos on Vimeo and then embedded them on their website. Now that the new Video Center feature is available, you can host videos in the Socio Platform's Video Center feature and make them available to attendees as Video on Demand content using the Custom List feature!

Don't have access to video editing pros? Don't worry! You can use a free screen capture and recording solution like Vidcast to quickly and easily make videos that embed in your Socio Event.

Help Center

Creating a customized help center, including a knowledge base and live chat, might sound fancy and difficult! It doesn't have to be difficult, but it's certainly impressive using — and it seamlessly embeds in your app. Check out our For Fun: Create a Help Center with article for more info.

Screenshot of a help center embedded in a Web App.


We've seen customers get really creative with an FAQ feature! FAQs for attendees are often organized in a Custom List feature or a Single Item feature (depending on the desired look). In the Custom List feature shown below, attendees can review key pieces of information, taking some of the burden of answering these questions off your team.

Screenshot of an FAQ feature in the Mobile App.

Written Walkthrough

A PDF document can't be beat for ease of sharing! You can email it, add it as a Document feature in your event, or add it to your website. We've seen customers include a welcome message, event app feature guide, FAQs list, event organizer contact info, and more. Click the image below to take a look at a great walkthrough created by one of our customers!

Screenshot of a

Creating your content

When creating walkthrough and help content for attendees, you can go big with a library of videos or a help center, or you can keep things simple with a PDF guide or short event walkthrough video. The complexity of your event, your audience, and your preferences may all play a role in deciding how to create your content.

No matter which route you choose, we suggest testing your event before you start creating content. This gives you insight into the attendee experience which will make for better content.

Top 10 Topics

Based on our experience, the top 10 questions organizers get from attendees involve how to:

  1. Join the event or community

  2. Create an awesome profile

  3. Add connections

  4. Send messages to connections

  5. Network effectively

  6. Create, like, and comment on Wall posts

  7. Use the Agenda

  8. Navigate features and resources

  9. Join live streams

  10. Participate in the Game

Keep reading for some specific thoughts on how to address these questions. 📖

Joining the Web App/downloading the Mobile App

Attendees sometimes forget which email they used to register for your event, don't know where to join, or forget their password. We already provide some instruction templates attendees can follow to join your event. Send those instructions to attendees, or go the extra mile and make a video or PDF to show them how to log into your Event App or Community, reset their password, and create an awesome profile.

Screenshot from a video showing how to log into the Web App.

Whatever you decide, proactively sending joining information will delight your attendees and reduce help inquiries.

Social features

One of the most important aspects of an event is networking! Whether attendees are in-person or joining virtually, making connections in the app lets attendees video and text chat with each other and see other events they're both attending. Show them how to make and view connections and start text and video chats. An overview of social features should address numbers 3, 4, and 7 from the list above.

If you're using the Wall feature or the Event Game, be sure to highlight these and get attendees talking.

Using the Agenda

The Agenda feature is central to most events! A quick guide or video showing how to navigate the Agenda and its various features helps attendees learn about the ways the Agenda can guide their experience. Be sure to highlight filtering by Tracks (if applicable), adding sessions to personal agendas, and information around joining live streams and viewing recordings.

Screenshot from a video showing how to use the Agenda on the Mobile App.

Sponsors and speakers

A shoutout to your sponsors in your instructional content is a great way to drive attendee awareness and interaction right away. You can even focus on your title sponsor in your attendee walkthrough as part of sponsorship packages!

Highlight your speakers and show attendees how they can interact before, during, and after sessions to help kickstart conversations and connections.

Screenshot from a video tour that's currently showing an Event Partners feature.

...and more!

With 21 features in the Socio Platform, you have the power to create features unique to your event. You know your event and audience, so which features you make content in is up to your best judgement. It may not be useful to cover each feature in your event. Simply ask yourself these questions:

  • What's most important for your attendees to know about your event?

  • What should they know right away?

  • What questions might they have?

  • What questions did my coworkers or beta testers have when they tested the event?

Have you made the world's best attendee walkthrough and help content? Want to share your best tips and ideas with other organizers? We'd love to feature you in this article! Reach out to your Socio contact and let us know.

All content shared in this article is used with the express permission of the person or organization who created it.

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