Our app is so flexible, there are many options for creating a walkthrough that resonates with your attendees and enables them to use the app to the fullest. Check out a few of the common options that we see below. 👇

Video Walkthrough

If you have access to someone with video editing experience on your team, a personalized video that's specific to your event can be very impactful! Providing attendees with a walkthrough of your specific event features encourages them to participate and get the most out of your event. We've seen customers create some amazing videos. Click the button below for a standout customer example of a video walkthrough!

This Socio customer went above and beyond with an entire library of videos for their attendees!

Don't have access to video editing pros? Don't worry! We've created a video walkthrough of our demo event that you can download and customize for your attendees. To download a copy of the video, click the button below, click the three dots in the lower right corner of the video frame, and click Download.

Help Center

You can easily create a customized help center, including knowledge base and live chat, using tawk.to — and seamlessly embed it in your app. Check out our For Fun: Create a Help Center with tawk.to article for more info.


We've seen customers get really creative with a FAQs feature! FAQs for attendees are often organized in a Custom List feature or a Single Item feature (depending on the desired look). In the Custom List feature shown above, attendees can review key pieces of information, taking some of the burden of answering these questions off of your team.

Written Walkthrough

A PDF document can't be beat for ease of sharing! You can email it, add it as a Document feature in your event, or add it to your website. We've seen customers include a welcome message, event app feature guide, FAQs list, event organizer contact info, and more. Click the button below to take a look at a great written walkthough created by one of our customers!

Whichever walkthrough style you choose, whether one of the above or something else, we're here to help you strategize and come up with the best solution for your event! Reach out to your Socio contact for more info.

Questions? Chat Us or Email support@socio.events

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