We know that more data leads to more insight and value. That's why we give you the power to take a deep dive into your event and user metrics, in a format that's easy to read and digest, updates in real-time, and allows you to drill down further to get more details.

Below is a gif showing how to get to the live Data Dashboard from within your event app. Notice how you can get even more insights when scrolling over the chart! 🙌

Data Dashboard

The Data Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of what happened in your event. We know metrics can be difficult to decipher, but not with the Data Dashboard.

Top-Level Metrics

At the top of the Data Dashboard, you can quickly see a comprehensive overview of what happened in your event, visible at a glance:

  • All Engagement - The total number of actions across all users, including clicks, messages, and posts. The higher this number, the more user engagement within your event.
  • User Contributions - The total number of social shares, likes, comments, posts, messages, questions asked, and polls answered. This helps you gauge the interactivity within your event amongst users.
  • Minutes Open - The total number of minutes that users have had the app open, whether in the Mobile App or Web App.
  • Users - Total number of unique app users for all platforms. You may have 500 attendees registered, but how many are actively using your app?

Event Analytics Chart

Underneath those top-level metrics is the Event Analytics chart. This chart shows you the important top-level metrics just like the boxes above in a nice chart format, allowing you to quickly identify trends, such as an increase in users. You can also see how all of the metrics are affected by push notifications sent out through announcements, and you can toggle to a daily, weekly or monthly view.

Deeper-Dive Metrics

Under the Event Analytics chart are our deeper-dive widgets, designed to show you themed data in an easy-to-read format. And, you can even click on those metrics to drill down further, and see exactly which users performed those actions.

  • Platform Log In - This pie chart provides a breakdown of total log-ins to your app by platform (iOS, Android, or Web App), so you can easily see how your users are logging in, and which platform is more used than others.
  • Social Activity - This bar chart helps you easily see where more or less of your social activity is occurring, and by which action. The metrics include Total Profile views, Connections, Social Posts, Conversations, Proposed Meetings, and a summary of the Average User's Social Activity.
  • Banners - Knowing how many users saw a banner (Views) vs interacted with it (Clicks) is helpful insight.
  • Challenges - Overview and high level numbers of the event game(s), all aggregated together. This includes Participants, Total Completed Challenges, Total Points, and Average Points.
  • Leaderboard - Top ten game participant (highest point totals) across all games.

Feature Comparison

Which features in your event are getting the most clicks? Which are getting little attention? Which sessions are getting the most views? Which speaker or sponsors are getting the most attention? Are more attendees using the Mobile App or the Web App? We make getting these answers easy.

The Feature Comparison chart displays all of the features and provides a breakdown of how many times they were clicked on or viewed. It further breaks those numbers down over what device the user used, including iOS, Android, and Web App.

Click a feature tab at the top to see these details for the specific items in that feature (for example, the sessions in an Agenda feature). Then, click on those numbers to drill down further and see the individuals who clicked or viewed that area. In the following screenshot, we can see that there were three clicks on Magna Publication's Sponsor profile, and two users favorited the sponsor.

Pro Tips! 😎

  • All of the data in the dashboard can be filtered based on certain timelines, similar to the Lead Retrieval Dashboard. This makes it easy to see what happened when, and draw conclusions on what is impacting user activity.
  • Want more info on something? Hover or click on it, there's probably a drill-down! If you click on a number, you'll see a pop-up that shows which attendees performed that action for that metric. For example, this enables you to know exactly who clicked on a particular sponsor, and when they did so. It's a wealth of data at your fingertips. 🙌
  • Want to share these with your boss or client (or simply brag to a friend)? Click the Get Shareable Link button in the upper-right corner! There's no Socio Platform account required for them to review.

It's never been this easy to prove the value of your event (and your event app!). We can't wait to show you how our Data Dashboard can give you insights like never before.

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