The Polling feature makes your Webex Events live stream an even richer experience for your attendees! Create, manage, and post polls easily to keep your attendees engaged with your sessions — no third-party tools required.

⭐️ Keep in mind, though this article refers to Events, these instructions apply to Communities, too.

Screenshot of the Polling tab in an agenda session on the web version of the Event App.

Add polling individually for certain Sessions or Live Stream features, import several at a time, or have a dedicated Polling feature not tied to a stream.

⭐️ Keep in mind, you must publish your Event App before you can access the 'Q&A and Polling' page.


Add the Polling feature

If you want to make a poll that isn't tied to a stream, add the Polling feature. If you simply want to add polling to certain sessions, skip to the next section.

In your Event's navigation bar under 'Event App' (or 'Community' in a Community), click Features, then click Add Features.

Screenshot showing the process just described.

In the modal that appears, search for the feature, click Add, then close the modal.

Edit settings

To rename the feature, give it a custom icon, or restrict it to certain Groups, hover over the feature and click the Settings (⚙️) icon.

Screenshot of the Settings icon on the Polling feature.

Click Save Changes when you finish editing settings.

Now that you've added the feature, you can start adding polls. Before you can create polls, you must publish your Event App to gain access to the management tools.

Add a poll to a feature

In your Event navigation bar under ‘Event App’ (or 'Community' in a Community), click Q&A and Polling. On the Q&A and Polling page, click the Polling tab, then click New Poll.

Screenshot of the steps just described.

In the modal that appears, use the Link to field to search for the Polling feature, Session, or Live Stream feature you want to link this poll to.

⭐️ Keep in mind, before linking a poll to a feature, you must first add the Polling feature, Live Stream feature, or Session you're creating the poll for.

Screenshot of the New Poll modal with some sample information filled in.

Next, fill in the following fields:

Poll Status

  • Active - The poll is immediately visible and available within the linked feature on the Mobile App and web version.

  • Inactive - The poll isn't visible to users. You can come back and activate it at any time.

  • Scheduled - The poll will automatically activate at the date and time you choose.


Enter the question text that users will respond to, then enter the text for possible answers to choose from. If you want to add more than two options, click Add New Option as needed.

Share poll results after voting

If you check this box, attendees can review poll results immediately after they submit their votes. Otherwise, they can only review their own submitted answer.

Click Save Changes when you're done.

Manage polls

Polls you create appear in a list on the Q&A and Polling page under the 'Polling' tab. Click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to a poll to review and export the results or edit, deactivate, or delete it.

Multi-select polls to take actions in bulk. Check the Poll Question box to select every poll in the list, or check the boxes next to the individual polls you want to modify, then click the three-dot icon next to the search field to export, deactivate, or delete them.

Screenshot of the Polling tab. Several Polls are selected and the three dot icon is expanded.

Polls in practice

If you add a Polling feature, attendees in your Event App can click on it to read poll questions and submit their answers.

Screenshot of a Polling feature on the web version of the Event App.

When attendees join your Agenda session or Live Stream, they can access the Polling tab in the engagement panel.

Screenshot of the Polling tab in an agenda session on the web version of the Event App..

If the polls in your Polling tab aren't active yet, the Polling tab shows a message that says, "No Polls yet".

If you unchecked the 'Share poll results...' option, attendees can only access the answer they submit.

Screenshot of a poll when 'Share poll results...' is unchecked.

If you checked the 'Share poll results...' option, attendees can review the percentage of all votes that each poll answer received after they submit an answer.

Screenshot of a poll when 'Share poll results...' is checked.

When you use Webex Events Production Studio, click the Audience tab, then click Polling to review poll results. Click a poll to show the results in the live stream!


When you export polls from the Polling tab as mentioned earlier, an Excel file labeled 'Polling' downloads. A notification will appear letting you know that your file is being processed. When the export is ready, a new notification appears. Click the Click here to download link to download the file.

If you missed the notification, don't worry! Simply click the bell icon next to the Help tab at the top right corner of the screen to review all your past notifications.

Screenshot of the export notifications.

The file contains Instructions, Polling, and Reference Sheet tabs, and it has separate sheets for every feature or session with data on the poll(s) associated with that feature.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the Instructions, Polling, and Reference Sheet tabs are related to importing polls and don't include any results data.

The feature sheets show the following rows with the relevant data in columns:

  • Question

  • Options

  • Vote Percentage

  • Vote Numbers

  • Voters (includes name, title, company, and email)

Screenshot of a Polling sheet open in Excel with the items listed above visible.

In addition to the in-depth export, the Metrics page provides basic polling count data.

You're well on your way to becoming a polling expert! 📊 While you're here, why not use the Poll's sibling feature — Q&A?

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