Socio's Q&A makes hosting your live stream in the Socio Platform that much simpler. There's no need to pay for an outside tool, and everything you need to keep your attendees engaged with your sessions is manageable from one central place.

Socio's Q&A functionality becomes available after you publish your event, once you have access to the Manage tools. You can enable Q&A individually for certain sessions or live streams, import several at a time, or have a dedicated Q&A feature. This article covers each component and functionality of Q&A.

Follow the steps below to access Q&A and Polling:

Event App → My Events → Your Event → Q&A and Polling


Click New Q&A or Import.

Search or select a session, live stream feature, or Q&A feature from the drop-down to attach Q&A to.

Enable Q&A

Toggle on Q&A when you're ready to start, and turn it off as desired.


Turn on moderation to require questions to be reviewed by a Socio admin before end users can see it. You have the ability to mark the question as answered, hide the question, or restore it.

When Moderation is turned off, questions will move to the Live section automatically, and will be visible to users.

Allow Anonymous Questions

This setting allows you to choose whether or not you want to allow users to submit their questions anonymously. If disabled, they will simply not see the switch to allow anonymous questions.

Note, the Q&A is designed to be used during a stream, so speakers can respond real-time to attendee questions. It's not possible to answer questions through the Q&A feature itself.

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