The Q&A feature makes hosting your live stream in the Webex Events Platform an even richer experience for your attendees! There's no need to pay for an outside tool, and everything you need to keep your attendees engaged with your sessions is manageable from Webex Events. Activate Q&A individually for certain Agenda sessions or the Live Stream feature, import several at a time, or have a dedicated Q&A feature.

Screenshot of the Q&A tab in a session on the Web App.

Before you can create Q&As, you must publish your event to gain access to the management tools.

Add Q&A for a session or live stream

⭐️ Keep in mind, we don't currently recommend the Q&A feature for Webex Events Streaming because questions aren't visible in the streaming studio. Instead, we recommend using Chat.

From the Edit Event page, click the Event Name in the breadcrumbs, then click Q&A and Polling. On the Q&A and Polling page, click New Q&A.

Screenshot of the process just described

In the modal that appears, use the Link to field to search for the Agenda session or Live Stream you want to link this Q&A to.

⭐️ Keep in mind, before you try this process, you must first add the Live Stream feature or Agenda session you're creating this Q&A for.

Screenshot of the New Q and A modal.

If you want to keep the Q&A hidden until a speaker is ready to start fielding questions, toggle Enable Q&A to No and come back to toggle it on later.

Moderation lets your staff vet questions before they appear to other attendees, mark questions as Answered, or Hide questions. Read our Moderating a Webex Event/Community article for complete details.

The Allow Anonymous Questions toggle lets users choose to submit questions anonymously.

Add a Q&A feature

If you want a general Q&A for your event that attendees can access from the event's main navigation, simply add the Q&A feature. If you simply want to add Q&A to sessions, see the section above.

On the Edit Event page, click Add Features. In the modal that appears, click Add under the Q&A feature, then close the modal.

Screenshot of adding the Q and A feature to the Features page.

To customize the name and icon of the feature or limit its visibility using Groups, hover over the feature and click the Settings (⚙️) icon.

Click Save when you finish adjusting the settings.

Screenshot of the Q and A Settings icon.

⭐️ Keep in mind, if you add a general Q&A, you should have a staff member watching it at all times to make sure attendee questions don't pile up.

Next, click Edit. This takes you do the Q&A feature's Moderation view on the Q&A and Polling page. From here, you can see Questions as they come in, deactivate the Q&A, and activate Moderation and Anonymous Questions. We'll talk more about moderation later in this article.

Manage Q&A

After you've added Q&A to sessions or added a Q&A feature, you can manage each one from the Q&A and Polling page. Click the Settings (⚙️) icon next to one of the Q&A items to Export, Edit, Disable, or Delete it.

Screenshot of a Q and A feature on the Web App.

You can also multi-select Q&A items to take actions in bulk. Check the Linked to box to select every Q&A item in the list, or check the boxes next to the individual Q&A items you want to modify, then click the three-dot icon next to the search field to Export, Disable, or Delete them.

Screenshot of multiple Q and A items selected. The three dots are expanded.

Q&A in practice

When you add a Q&A feature, attendees can click on it to see a feed of existing questions, and they can also add new ones.

Screenshot of a Q and A feature on the Web App.

When attendees view an Agenda session or Live Stream, they see the Q&A tab in the engagement panel.

Screenshot of the Q and A tab in a live stream on the Web App.


If moderation is turned on for a Q&A, moderators must use the Q&A and Polling page in the Webex Events Platform to approve, dismiss, or archive questions. For a complete look at Q&A moderation, read our moderation guide.

Screenshot of the Q and A export notifications. The


When you export Q&A as mentioned above, an Excel file labeled 'Q&A' downloads.

You'll see a notification letting you know that the system is preparing your file. When the export is ready, a new notification appears. Click the Click here to download link to download the file.

If you missed seeing the notification, don't worry! Simply click the bell icon next to the Help tab at the top right corner of the screen to see all your past notifications.

Screenshot of the Q and A export notifications. The

The file contains Instructions, Q&A, and Reference Sheet tabs related to the Q&A import template. It also contains separate sheets with data for every feature or session with an associated Q&A.

⭐️ Keep in mind, the Instructions, Q&A, and Reference Sheet tabs are related to Q&A import and don't include any results data.

The feature sheets show the following data:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Title

  • Company

  • Status

  • Date/Time

  • Question

    Screenshot of the Q and A report open in Excel.

The Metrics page has a little more general click information. However, the export described above has the most complete data.

Now that you know all about adding Q&A for your event, check out our Polling feature guide!

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