You can embed a button to your registration page or the entire registration flow into your website with Registration Widget codes! We offer two Widgets that can be embedded into your website with the supplied Widget Codes. The Button Widget simply opens your registration event when clicked. The Ticket Widget embeds the entire registration flow into your website.

Let's take a look at how to use Widgets!

Choose a widget

Hover over the Promote button on your Registration event, and click Widgets to get started!

Screenshot of the process just described.

There are two Widgets you can use: a Button Widget, and a Ticket Widget.

Button Widget

The Button Widget is simply a button that opens your registration page.

The button and text color are customizable to better reflect your event. 🙌 Select the color using the color picker, or enter a specific Hex or RGB color code of your choice.

Ticket Widget

The Ticket Widget lets you essentially bypass using the registration page provided by Socio, making your website the registration page.

Screenshot of the Ticket Widget section of the Widgets page.

The colors of this widget are determined by the theme color you selected on the Appearance page of your Registration event.

If you want to hide the event details at the top of the widget, uncheck the Show Header option.

Apply widgets to your website

To apply a widget to your website, you'll need to add the widget code to your site's code. The process may vary depending on the way your website is built.

⚠️ Caution! If you make changes to the widget in the Socio Platform after you have implemented the widget on your website, you must update the widget code on your website in order to see the changes.

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